Thursday, May 22, 2014

Essence Bloom Me Up Shimmer Powder - why you should buy it if you see it!

Since this is a Limited Edition product, I am not going to very in-depth review.  I am just going to summarize why this is a good purchase if you find it in your local Shoppers or else where.

Look at that cute flower design - won't that look pretty at least for a while? :)

Essence's packaging is nice and sturdy.

When you think Highlighters, do you think a subtle glow? If so, this is a great option. Because of the pink-ish undertones mixed with Silver, this would be best suited for Cooler skin tones, but as this is a subtle highlighter, almost all skin colors can use this.

2 ways of using this powder - 1. As a highlighter on cheeks, forehead, nose etc 2. Over your foundation and under your face powders for a subtle allover glow for that day out

Once Blended out - the finish is very subtle as you can see.

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