Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Review: Konad Niju Masks - Green Tea, Brightening Essence and Age Defying Collagen

The main reason I check for reviews online is when I see a new product which I am not sure of and would like to know how much safe it is to invest in it. As a blogger[though erratic] I think it is my duty to provide my fellow Google-search-ers with information that will help them in selecting a product.
Now here is where I am going to help you save money with just a 1 liner summary – Do not buy these masks!

Why do I say so? Cos they do nothing, they just irritate my skin which is very resistant and tough [so guess what it will do for a sensitive skin], weird aroma, leaves skin feelin itchy & flaky and finally – this product actually darkened my skin a shade!!!!!!!

The last was totally unforgivable cos I used this on a trip with my husband and he was like “You should use more sun-screen and do some facial..have a care”. While I am no gori-gori-crazy girl, I do love my wheatish complexion and highly object to getting darkened in patches. I couldn’t believe the effect of a mask labeled “Brightening”!!!!

I got 3 of these- Brightening, age defying and Green Tea.. I used brightening and dint brighten at all.. I used green and thankfully no negative results but nothing positive.
So I cleaned the 3rd one and removed all the essence and now use it to soak in my DIY facial recipes..
I think overall Indian brands are better for skin care than the forin ones.. consider- they are made for skin and complexion much lighter to ours and they don’t take into consideration the climate or weather we have.. I guess I’ll stick to my ubtans and will buy any facial treatment products from a Desi brand…
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