Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review and Swatches: Streetwear color rich lipstick in shade Pink Satin

Here is another from my Streetwear Color Rich range of lippies... I must say, I am quite impressed by the shades they carry now.. Cant believe I used to sneer at them once upon a time!

This is yet another pretty pink shade they carry. It is a beautiful pink-red shade that would be ideally called raspberry.. :) On my pigmented lips, it looks very bold pinkish shade.

I am not a fan of their packaging which I feel can be improved... How about a cute pink or peach shade for the plastic casing?

As I have reviewed before, these are not long stay but substitutes for it by being nicely smooth and creamy.. :)

Anyways I love these lippies and I have got some to review in this range so stay tuned.. :)

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Review and Swatches: Coloressence Mesmerising lip color in shade Back to Basics #45

Coloressence is a brand I find more online than in shops. I have tried their skin care line, I dont know honestly if I can reach a snap judgment over their products, some are good, some not so..

So when had a nice discount sale [wonder why they stopped their beauty line!! :(] I got 2-3 shades and this is one of them as I wanted to try this brand. I had expected a nice nude-ish shade from the pic shown online.

The ingredient list is slightly surprising. It mentions coriander and basil extract [really??????] but it doesnt say so anywhere in the active ingredients list. And I do wish companies put their full list on the tube. I am super happy about the vegetarian part though.. :)

I find the packaging quite good, actually slightly better than their Premia range which I'd reviewed here  as I can see the shade through the bottom area of the tube.

The casing is also pretty good, but after using the lippie I wish they had spent more on quality and less on packaging!

The lipstick has a nice smell and a slightly weird taste which I really didnt want in a lip product, I prefer them to be tasteless. This is a duotoned pearl finish lipstick- confused? It means it is not a single true color, it has a pearly shine actually a goldenish shine and looks slightly pink-to-peach in different light and on lips.

The color is very similar to Jordana's All Spicy lipstick in shade and effect though I like All Spicy better. This is not a creamy lippie, its quite waxy and needs 2-3 swipes to get a good color. I cannot use this without lip balm as it is quite drying, so that kinda nullifies the moisturizing claim that the brand makes.

I am not sure about the claim on protecting [how????] and voluminising [again, how????], I dont know , may be it does, I have not seen any special effect. The color stays decently for 3-4 hours without food and when fades, leaves a soft tinge behind. Thankfully no glitters! :)

Will I recommend this or buy this again? Hmmm..not sure.. this is quite a nice lippie if you consider price against use but I prefer single color creamy lippies which doesnt have any special effect :) 
I prefer Streetwear's Color Rich range for the same budget, but definitely this scores better than Streetwear in terms of staying power.

I would say, if you like the duo-tone or pearly effect, or slight shimmer [ I wonder why they dont have any matte lippies in their range!!!] go for this.

Coloressence team, my request is to 1. Add some matte shades for a slightly mature female grp, 2. Classify your lippies as Shimmer, Pearly and matte etc so we know what we are buying. :)

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