Friday, September 26, 2014

My 1st Memebox [and why I got addicted [a saaad saaaad story] ] - Superbox #40 Pomegranate

I have to thank Renu from MyBeautyJunction for getting me hooked onto this insidious chappies called Memebox. Her reviews on these goody boxes are so enticing that I had to buy one...and another..and then one more... then just this last one...and hmmmm again....the dashed stuff is like potato chips, you can never have just 1!!!!
Since then, my bank account has been taking a steady hit :( :( 

But I am happy..cos these are so worth every penny I've paid so far. 

The 1st one I got was the Pomegranate Super Box. Pomegranate has been a much sought after fruit in my place, famous for its health benefits and use in skin & hair treatments. So I decided to pick this one as the 1st Memebox.

Just check out all these 6 full size products worth $60+. I paid just $23 and I also redeemed some Meme points.
Even with a shipping cost of $6.99 per box, this is so worth the money I paid.

Looking at all the products in the box, I feel its very much a well-rounded box - a cleanser, face pack, massage cream, lip balm, face essence and a night cream..... 
And everything looks so pretty in the pink box and the great wrapping....its like a gift each time I pick it up from Post Office.

This is not a review of the products... Considering these are all skincare products, I need to try it out before I review.
However, considering these are all from renown brands, I think even if I am not awed, I may find some decent products.
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