Saturday, November 15, 2014

Too Faced 'Under The Mistletoe" Shimmer Lipstick Set [& a lesson in "why all that glitters is not gold"!]

Since I've been absent from the blog world for such a long time [apartment shifting :( again..] , I thought I will start my sojourn with a review of a Holiday set from Too Faced. After all its that time of the year again- mistle toe , cakes, eggnog ..not to mention long coats and boots ! Sigh...

I got this one from Sephora for $35.  This looked like an awesome deal, cos it had 3 full size Too Faced La Creme lipsticks that normally retails at $26 CAD each. Now before you scream "Whattttt...let me rush off and get me one" and rush off without reading this review, let me just ask one question- How much of a Shimmer lover are you?

Cos you've to be a shimmer glitter addict to like these babies. Not joking. 

Back to the review.. 

Packaging - I like the carton with the nice design and a peephole to get excited about the package inside. I liked the color of the bag - anything pink works for me. But I wish the bag was of a better good quality. 

It was a glittery mess. If I'd asked a 5 year old to stick some glitter onto a bag, they'd done as good or possibly a better job than Too Faced! The glitter was falling out every where and since I'm not 8 yrs old, its not that fun to walk around with glitter on my nose.

Product - Too Faced La Creme Lipstick has a beautiful casing with sleek gold covering and an embossed name - loved that about it. 

The 3 shades in the set were - Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny, Shimmering Spice Spice Baby and Shimmering Naked Dolly. If you're already familiar with Too Faced La Creme lipsticks, you'd already know these shade names. These are all shimmer variations of existing Too Faced La Creme lipsticks.

Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny is a frosty peachy pink with golden shimmer. Shimmering Spice Spice Baby is a beautiful shade - a coral red with golden shimmers that came off nicely on my lips. Shimmering Naked Dolly is a pale peachy golden shade.

From L to R - Sh Marshmallow Bunny, Sh Spice Spice Baby, Sh Naked Dolly
Of the three, both Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny and Shimmering Naked Dolly came off too frosty on my lips - like straight up shimmer. I could barely see the color. I can consider using this for adding some shimmer on an existing lip color but I wouldn't and couldn't use them on my own. 

I was also rather disappointed with the texture and pigmentation as a whole. I'd tried La Creme lipstick before and was really impressed by the smooth application and finish, which was noticeably missing from this one. Due to the high shimmer content, both SMB and SND applied very patchily.

I returned this as I couldn't keep this set just for the one lip color. However if you like very frosted shimmer shades, try this as this would be a good value pick. I think Too Faced was trying out a possibly permanent-line shimmer variation of their La Cremes with this holiday set, so I hope that if & when they finally come out with the Shimmering series, it would be a much more usable version with better pigmentation and texture.

Overall - If your answer to my question is Yes, Give Me Some Shimmer go for this one as its definitely a value set. However for people like me who like shimmer in moderation, this lippies are pretty Over the Top.
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