Sunday, November 23, 2014

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Box for October 2014 - "Beauty Thrillers" [Review]

What with apartment shifting, settling down at the new place & dealing with an early Winter, I didn't have much time to keep track of my reviews. This is a lame excuse to tell you why I neither have the box or the card to explain what the product is about... err..

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan subscription box and I think they ship world wide [Link]. Cost is $23 USD per month and they have around 4-5 items per box. Its a mix of skin care, makeup and personal care items. So far, I am liking it :)

This month's box is called  Beauty Thrillers...other than the obvious fact of being released in the month of Halloween, I couldn't really see where the "thrill" part is coming from. If the box had some outre stuff like a dark vampire-ish red nail polish or or jet black eyeshadow or even a weirdly named body cream, I would have happy agreed with the box title. As it is..well ho hum..!

Let me start with the product that bummed me out the most. This body scrub from SW Basics is like someone's DIY body scrub- not something you'd pay for! I mean, at least the ingredients should be hard to find like lotus oil or sandalwood powder!For $22 USD, I think I'd rather get a pack of demerara sugar, coconut oil from my local grocery store,shred some coconut myself and mix em up... I mean, come on, I am all for natural stuff but this is a bit too much.

Just look at it! I dare not leave it without the wrapper, in case my husband mistakes it for a sugar-y dessert!

I like the scent of this body butter, but I am never going to pay $28 for a jar... unless I win a lottery..cos its not great, its good and interesting, thats all.

I like getting all these small spray bottles; it fits nicely in my hand bag and makes for emergency scent-aid :) Again, not planning to buy the full size one, cos I am not a perfume person.

I kept my favorite product to the end.. cos I have to rave about it. Absolutely raving about this vegan creamy buttery awesomely pigmented nicely scented decently lasting everyday lipstick... give me, give me more...

For $14, this is one of the best packaged lipsticks I have seen. Really appeals to the tiny bohemian inside me:) The outer casing seems to be the same shade as the lipstick inside. I got the shade Natural Mystic - which is the one shade I'd have picked out of the painfully meager shade  selection, if given a choice. So I am really really happy - I mean, how often do you get the shade you would've picked in the beauty box!

Lets pretend that the nonsense printed on the cover is just not there... shooo.. gone..faded.. I don't see that drivel any more!

Look at that beautiful designs on the lipstick tube - I hope it doesnt turn weird or dull with use! I wish they had used black or one of the darker shades for the tube. White is one shade I wouldn't pick for a lipstick tube, just cos it starts looking duller & dirtier within a short time of use.

 Natural Mystic is a reddish brown lipstick that comes off more orangey or brownish that it actually is, on the camera. It is actually a cherry reddish brown shade - on my skin it shows up more cherry-pink-brown shade that looks really great.

With pinkish or reddish brown shades back in vogue with all the Kylie Jenner looks floating around, I think this may be a great trendy lipstick to wear. Its a very every-day shade for me and I am just loving it. Expect a more detailed review with better swatches, soon.

OVERALL- Out of the 4 products, I loved 1, liked 3 and was shocked by the price of 1. So pretty okay dokey for me. I hope Petit Vour will start a customer profile check soon, cos I really cant wait to avoid getting perfumes or personal care stuff!
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