Saturday, December 13, 2014

Unsung beauties... GOSH Intense Lip Colour in 303

What makes a lip gloss extra ordinary?

For me its having a luxurious glossy shiny feel on lips with lotsa pigmentation..enough to wear it without a lipstick underneath yet comfortable, hydrating and kinda long wearing on lips... 

And this gloss from Gosh - they call it lip colour - is an extra ordinary one..

I got this on sale, so I didn't actually note the price. I think it was around $15 CAD originally. You can buy Gosh products in Shoppers Drug mart stores.

303 - is a beautiful lilac-ish pink shade. Not a mauve, though on heavy application it can end up looking so, if you have very pigmented lips. Really beautiful, the kind of  lip color that looks bland in tube, but gives a very chic sophisticated look on lips. I really like how this color looks on my lips - its not too pale, its the only shade of lilac that I've been able to carry off so far. Lilac is a notoriously only-for-cool-toned-fair-skinned ladies only shade. Not to say that darker skin cant wear it, but it comes off as a neon pastel shade on darker skin tones usually and neon or pastel shades are not the cup of tea for most people!

Not a fan of gimmicks, so the lights and the mirror on side aint that big deal for me.
Its coming off more purplish in the pics than it actually is!
As you can see, the color is rich and creamy  and looks beautiful. Its full pigmentation in a single swipe. I wouldn't recommend layering on, unless you've really dry lips. There is no serious scent or taste to the product. Once applied, it sets to a glossy finish and lasts for an average of 2-3 hours which is pretty neat for a gloss.

Overall: I'd really love to try more shades from this line - I like the quality, the feel of these lippies. I usually use them for important official functions, which tells you how much I regard the effect of this lip color.  If you're a gloss lover, this is definitely something you can try.
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