Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Tip of the Day: Avoiding post bath dryness in Winter

Here is a winter care tip for you for post-bath dryness...

Add a mix of dried rosemary leaves, basil leaves and salt from your kitchen shelf to a pot of boiling water.

Keep it on for 5-10mins.

 Once it cools down, filter it and add 1-2 drops of lavender oil and 4-5 drops of olive oil.


Use this water as the last wash during your bath - pour slowly giving time for the good stuff to absorb [only on skin, don't use on hair.]

Lazy Beauty Guide: Saving time on Makeup.. :)

Okay, dont get me wrong - I love make up, I love getting ready but there are just some times when I am too tired and still have to get ready, so I skip something at times.... And whats a lazy gal to do!

And these are my tried and tested tips for these kinda situations.. :)

Formal Wear:  

I make sure my face [skin] is looking good, the foundation is applied well without looking too made up. I usually powder my face, neck and behind ears for a quick-matte-clean effect instead of a liquid foundation. 

I skip on blusher/bronzer/highlighter etc.

Instead, I concentrate on highlighting my eyes - using white color in corner of eyes for that 'awake' look and a thin-but-intense layer of kajal/kohl in either black/brown shades on the upper lash line. The key is not to draw attention to eyes without using any strong or bright colors like blue, green etc.


Use a brown/peachy nude shade on lips with a thin layer of gloss. If your lip color is good, you can usually get away with a lightly tinted balm.

Casual Wear:

Here again, I keep my facial makeup clean and light. If I have to do heavy duty makeup, I use BB Cream + Powder combo.

I use a peachy shimmer blush with a light hand from temple to cheek to give an instant fresh outing-kinda look. I try to avoid pink as its a risky color- if not careful you're the local clown!

I concentrate on high-lighting my eyes again: this time with a bold colored eye-shadow like a Khaki green or a basic deep black smokey eye with some light shimmer effect. I use a single color on lid and crease and use the blush color on the area immediately beneath the brow for highlight.

For lips, I keep a shimmer or a heavy duty gloss to top any lipstick I am wearing.

Party Wear

Okay, please keep in mind  - I am talking of parties where I have to put in a presence and I am too tired to be very enthusiastic about it.

Face: I mix some highlighter or shimmer with my BB cream and apply it before using the powder for final setting. Make sure this is done with a light hand

Cheeks: Peachy pink or peach shimmer blush. Apply it in 2 layers for longer stay.

Eyes: I mix 2 shades - a basic black or brown with either Gold/Copper/Bronze/Khaki with shimmer. Another instant party trick is to use your mascara brush to coat with 1-2 layers from a glitter eyeliner and use it to coat the lashes from mid-lash to the top.Do not apply glitter at the base of lashes and do this after a layer of mascara is applied.

Lips: A peachy or coral shade with a nice gloss. For parties, its best to keep your lips nicely exfoliated and clean and keep a tinted lip balm handy. I usually use a lip-scrub for 3-4 mins using sugar+honey mix to give it a natural sheen and top it with a tinted lip balm.

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