Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Review: Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser[ face scrub] is described as a 'nutty scrub' in their website and sells for $29 approx for 250 gms. The website also tells you how to use them. I got a sample of this when I was in Lush store at Eaton Center trying to find a product for treating pigmentation on my face. The SA praised this product but when I mentioned I am not looking for very gentle products she showed me the Ocean Salt scrub which I am yet to start using.

However she recommended this so much that I got a sample of this. After using this for around 4-5 times I still don't feel I really need this product. This is a bit too gentle for my face to provide any good cleansing or scrubbing action but it did make my face soft and smooth.
I did not see any other improvements but I liked how it felt. This may be an awesome product for people with sensitive skin or people who dislike grainier exfoliants but I like grainier ones so I wont be repurchasing this one.

Overall I love Lush, I like this scrub, I like its scent and its feel but it aint a love baby!

A New Beginning.. :) The Lazy Beauty Guide.. *Personally tried and tested

Its been such a long long time since I did a blog post.. new country, new life and lotsa work.. still no excuse for blogging... All I can say is that I found typing in my android heavy work and Garfield became my new guru [means I am now perfecting zzzzzzzzzzz as an art form :)]

So I thought I will start by doing a series of ideas for the lazy beauty guide... I hope there are lotsa people like me who like to look good, so long as it can be done within 5mins and with stuff I can buy easily or borrow from kitchen..and hey, I hope this doesnt turn out to be another boring DIY stuff..

Starting off with my latest beauty tip [personally tried and tested] and no, not copied at all from any website.. This started when I began to buy many oranges and got on a Vit C juice addiction.. I love Orange juice and after I filtered the juice, there was all this pulp and rind lying around... so started my new beauty regime and it works..really does..

What I do:

1. Make Orange juice and filter out the juice. Empty the blender and take off the juice to somewhere else.

2. Add the remaining pulp, orange rind, water[if needed] and some salt [optional] to the blender and puree till it gets as pasty as possible.

3. Next time you go for a face wash, use this paste after your normal face wash [I dont put soap on my face, so this is my only face wash].

4. The trick is to massage for 2-3 mins all over your face and keep for another min. Now wash off and see a brightness? no? well, keep trying and you can see a nice change and hey, it takes what 5mins total of your time? so give this tip a try next time you're making orange juice.. :)

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Review and Swatches: Incolor Glimmer Blusher in shade Bronze 02

Incolor is a brand I didn't find in stores but only online in websites like Fashionandyou and Snapdeal. I don't even know if you can buy their products any more cos I couldn't find any active listing of this product.

This blush cost around 200 bucks [I think!] from Fashionandyou. This is a very very shimmery reddish brown blusher [?] whose purpose is unknown to me. This looks like a baked blusher, at least I have this idea that dome shaped products are usually baked but it doesn't say so.

Look at the fallout around the rim!

I have not yet found how to use it properly. I mean, it looks like a blusher but it has a very reddish tint that doesn't go well with my skin tone and I can't think of a skin tone where this color of red will look great. Also this is too shimmery to be applied for a day time use.
It looks bronzy on swatch but looks more reddish on cheeks

My problem is this has shimmer but I cant double this blusher as a highlighter as the shimmer applies very patchily. It swatches beautifully and looks great but doesn't blend well. I think that is the key problem- that it doesn't blend at all. Staying power is also negligible.

It looks good on my hand but trust me, it doesnt apply well on cheeks!

Overall I can't say anyone will miss this blush if it got discontinued. I like the packaging and I like the color. But I wish the product quality was better.
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