Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Skin Care: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask

I am a bit wary when it comes to reviewing skin care products because skin care is so personal, based on what each person needs.

So before, I go into the review, let me explain my skin type so you can make a judgement here.
My skin type is normal to combination, very slightly prone to acne or breakouts and my major skin concerns are - pigmentation/sunspots and dullness. My skin is not too sensitive, so I can use most products without either breaking out or having a reaction.

Now to the review.

In 1 line -

This mask is awesome, sweet on pocket and makes your skin look fresh and dewy [which I believe translates to radiant in Marketing lingo :)], is not harsh, has a nice smell and is easy and hygienic to apply. 

 There! That's the nutshell! :)

Going into details:

- Packaging - The tube packaging makes this easy to apply and hygienic as well. I really hate when products come in tubs and I've to scoop them out!
- Product -  Whitish creamy liquid, not too runny and has some granular contents. Applies nicely and the granules makes a mild exfoliant as well!
 - Effect - I noticed a freshness to face and a slight brightening effect. Also the granules helped with some mild exfoliation. After using this twice a week, I could see that my skin look more - how to say- dewy & fresh... more plumper.. not very dull.. I hope I am making sense!

Overall - For $3.99, this is an awesome skin care product that would be a good addition for your cleansing regime. Since it also works as an exfoliant while removing the mask, that is 2 uses in 1!!!

You can check this product at Freeman's website; in Toronto, this is available at Walmart.
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