Monday, September 15, 2014

My one and only Wantable box [and why I didnt repurchase! ]

Here is another subscription box review.
This time it is the more expensive, Wantable box - July Edition.

Before I go into the review, let me explain why I subscribed.
See, I hadn't used my husband's credit card for a long time for purchasing any beauty or make up stuff.
So when I saw this review of Wantable, I thought - well, a golden opportunity to spend $40 and try something new!

Now, Wantable knows that they are expensive. So they make it easy by giving you the option of switching ON and OFF. 
Thats nice...
They also have a more customized service than Ipsy, who sends medium toned customers, tanning oil!

So, now that you've the background, here it goes:

Wantable July box has one of the most boring cartons ever. I mean considering the variety of colors, why do they go and pick this boring color combo!

I liked the impersonal yet personal note :)

I get that white eyeliner is interesting, gives a Mod look , can be edgy and blah blah blah.
But its not something I am going to use on a daily basis.  :(
I wish  they'd given something of more practical value like a dark green or some other shade.

I'd never heard of this brand - PLA Beauty - it sounds weird when I Pla Pla.. :) :)
This lip gloss has a pretty color -when you look at the tube.

The shade is called Sheer Beauty. So there is no surprise for you when you find that this is a pretty sheer pink gloss.

It is not-very-sticky, average lip gloss. Nothing great in its packaging or performance.

The next product is something I have no idea how I'll use. From their website, I understand this is meant to be used on face and decollete. 

The packaging looks very cheap - tacky gun metal grey case and the sticker on the back doesn't scream sophistication.

I wouldn't be snobbish about the packaging, if the product worked. 
But it doesnt. 
The champagne shade just falls flat on my skin. 
I cant find any effect at all. Also it does feel kinda greasy and heavy with silicones. 
I wish they'd the ingredients listed!

Now we come to the most exciting product for me in this bag - this very pretty pigment brush from Tarina Tarantino. 

I absolutely love this brush - the color, the soft bristles..Awesome!

Now here is why I wouldn't subscribe again...

After checking the websites of the products, I found out the cost of each product:

- PLA Lip Gloss - $22 , though I couldnt find the shade there,so I am assuming it is a discontinued one
- 3 Custom Colors Shimmer - $22.50
- Ofra Gel Eyeliner - $17
- Tarina Tarantino brush - I couldnt find an individual brush online, so I go by what Wantable says,which is $25

So total value is  - $86.50, which is definitely above the value of what I paid for this box. Right?


Why, you ask?

Cos I wouldnt pay $22 for such an average lip gloss. Why would I? I can pick up a Too Faced Melted lipstick for the same price; it will give me much better pigmentation!

Cos I wouldnt pay $22.50 for a skin color greasy shimmer product loaded up on silicones.The stuff just disappeared on skin. In all fairness, it may look better on a fairer skin group. But I cant believe that all the silicon-y feel is good for anyone!

Cos I wouldnt pay $17 for a white gel liner - if I pay $17, I would buy a more practical color.

Overall: For me, it looks like I paid $40 for a set of products from which, the only one I can think of having some value is that brush.
So effectively I paid $40 for a $25 brush. Which means, this is not a profitable purchase, but a bad loss....

I totally appreciate what Wantable is trying to do - provide luxury products for less price.. but the thing is unless they absolutely perfect their customer profiling process or provide me with an option of picking my products for the box, I dont want to pay $40 for this kinda unpleasant surprises.
I will consider buying again - if Wantable comes up with an option of giving customers a chance to pick at least 60-75% of the products. 
Till then, its bye bye from me.

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