Friday, April 18, 2014

Shine Bright Like a Diamond... Spring Colors: NYX Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe in Glory

There are some stuff that I wish I did or knew about when I was in my teens... and after trying out this lipstick from NYX, I added 'Wearing super shimmery lipstick' to the list!

What NYX says about this lipstick:

"Light up the room—with your lips. Silky, smooth, and packed with concentrated sparkle, our Glam Lipstick Aqua Luxe is your go-to glam tool for sexy, shimmering lips."

Price: $7-8 CAD approx

My Experience:

As per NYX, Glory is a rose pink with silver reflects. I don't exactly get what they mean by silver reflects but I am assuming it is the same thing as silver shimmers, cos that is what this lipstick has - gallons and gallons of shimmers. I am not sure if it is just the silver, cos I felt it had some gold also.

Glory in my opinion is a pale pinky peach shade - more peachy than pink. A beautiful color in itself, NYX raises this shade out of ordinary by adding that KA-POWW factor which is the extreme shimmer factor.

I got this lipstick along with Aqua Luxe gloss after seeing the video by Gossmakeupartist [check below] :

It was more of an impulse purchase and I fully knew what I was getting but still I was surprised at the shimmer effect of this lipstick. Actually this is more of a Shimmer Lipstick with Color.

Normally I am not a fan of shimmer; but when it is so beautifully done, you have to appreciate it. Seriously :) Wearing this lipstick is enough to add a wow-factor for a party look. This would be something you can think of, for your prom makeup etc [though not if you plan on any kissing, unless your date don't mind looking like a disco ball :)]

How I wear this lipstick: Because of the silver shimmer & the color, for me this is more of a day wear than a night wear. I wouldn't suggest wearing this lipstick alone; I apply a coat of a peachy or pink matte or satin finish lipstick and then apply this over the color, for effect.  If I wish to tone down the shimmer effect, I apply another coat of lipstick over a layer of this and apply a clear gloss.

Just one swipe - and you can see how much shine it gives!

 Why you should buy this lipstick: For $6, this lipstick is a great option if you wish to create an effortlessly bling-y look for a party. Neutral eyes, coral/peach blush & this lip-color would be a great combo that would suit most complexions. The shimmer is not harsh, cheap-looking or gritty.
The color applies very beautifully and there is no patchiness at all. This stays for max 1-2 hours without food or drinks - I don't expect it to, cos of the creamy shimmer finish of the lipstick.

Why you shouldn't buy this- The shimmer is an obvious reason for any matte finish lover. Another is that the shimmer sticks to your skin. Being very soft & almost like a highlighter-type finish, the shimmer stays even when the color fades. So if you are wearing this lipstick, I would advise keeping a good wet wipe or makeup remover handy.
I tried wiping it once and this is what is left - can you see how soft yet shimmery it looks?

 Overall: Rihanna, were you thinking of this lippie? Cos you can shine like a diamond or at least almost as pretty well, if you wear this lipstick. If you like a fun lip color or if you like shimmer, then you might want to try this lipstick. After all, it is recommended by Wayne Goss :)
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