Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review and Swatches: Colorbar Velvet Matte lipstick in Smokey Rose AND How to Use Lipstick Testers

I have reviewed 2 Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks here – Thrilling Pink and Creme cup .
So I am not going to review the product per se, this is more of a shade review.

Pinks in my opinion is a dangerous color… It lures us into thinking that a shade might suit us, but it can look horribly weird based on your skin tone and makeup.
Red is usually touted as a color to be used with caution but I say Pink is what we should be wary of.
The right pink shade can flatter your face but the wrong one can make your skin dull, teeth look yellow and show up all bad things about your skin & makeup.

This is one pink shade with which I’ve had love-hate relationship. Some days it looks great on my skin, some days it makes me look as if I borrowed lippy from a 13yr old. 

Colorbar’s Smoky Rose is a beautiful blue-toned pink shade that looks brighter on lips than on swatches.
I think this is a discontinued shade, but if you find similar shades my advice is to make sure you test it out on your lips as this color may not be for everyone.

Shade is worn as a stain here after multiple 'apply & blots'

On that note, here is what I suggest you do to test lippies when you go shopping and find that you don’t really care for the much used testers:

1.       Always keep a tester set with you when you go scouting. Kit should contain – set of paper napkins or wet wipes, cotton, cotton swab or buds or q-tips & a tea stirrer or any thin wooden stick
2.       If the lipstick bullet is not very short, use the napkin or wipe to clear the top layer of the product. Make sure you explain to any SA around that you are going to try on lips, so she doesn’t think you are crazy.
3.       If the lipstick bullet is very short, use the tea stirrer to slowly discard top 1-2 layers.
4.       Use the cotton swab, bud or q-tip to get the color from the fresher layer and apply on lips.
5.       Some tips – SAs can be pushy, but stand your ground and let them know you prefer applying yourself. Also smell the lipstick before application. If there is any damage to product, it usually comes of in the smell.  If possible try viewing the color in different lights, if you are trying this out at night.
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