Sunday, December 21, 2014

Giveaway Update - Important!!!

Quick Updates on the Giveaway - 

-> The last date is extended to Jan 31st 2015 since I am making some changes and I am giving all participants enough time to check and respond.

-> Taking into consideration some requests from participants, I am setting a Max limit for number of tweets or shares you've to do. 
The max # of shares or tweets you can do is 15, 1 per day per social media. If you achieve the max of 15, sit back and relax, cos I will double the points you get :) Thats a good bonus right?
If you dont wish to enter the details via the giveaway widget [I know it can be a hassle!], use the contact form or Facebook messages to let me know what you've shared. 

-> This is only for my blogger friends - Posting a widget in your blog or making a blog post  about this giveaway,  will get you an addition 15 points each. Please use the contact form in this blog or the comments section of this post or Facebook messages to send me your links...

-> The last is response to a question from a subscriber - a note on the criteria for being selected.
Your points basically if you get the max possible points, you have a chance to win.
If there is no tie, the subscriber with the highest point wins.
If there is a tie, I will use the random() function to pick a random winner from the top scoring list.
The reason for not making this a random pick is because it will be totally unfair to those participants who put an effort into collecting max points.

Link -

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