Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review and Swatches: Lotus Herbals Naturalblend Swift Make-up Stick SPF-15

I got this while I was searching for quick-fix product during my stuff-for-marriage preps.
I heard from my friend that to have a quick makeup stick is the easiest way 2 fix makeup [it’s not! easiest way is to carry sm mineral powder with powder puff to apply evenly on face. No brush pls]..
So I searched around and found 2-3 brands offering panstick, like Maxfactor and Diana of London..
Maxfactor was a no-no for me cos of animal testing and I had not then heard of DoL.
So I decided to go with Lotus and got this and boy, do I regret!
Price is 249 and there is a decent quantity available.
The stick is creamy enough and spreads decently enough on skin and is easy enough to blend with fingers.

Okay, I have nothing bad about the product quality. It provides medium coverage and can be used as a concealer but cannot agree with the “compact” effect.
SPF15 is definitely a boon and I wish more & more makeup products should have this feature.

Now where I have the problem is with the packaging and usage.
As you can see, the product looks weird and has stained the entire cap area.
That is cos it broke off the second day when I accidentally dropped it and smeared all over the cap.
It took some serious efforts to push it back and by god, it was messy!
While the ‘dropping’ part is my fault, I do think that for a stick packaging the pack should have been more sturdy.
I didn’t drop it very hard, so I think the design should have been smart enough to cover that.
What is the point of a stick that breaks easily and smears all over and in general becomes useless?

Swatch: 1 swipe of the product
You can see the blended effect on the right side of my hand..

I wouldn’t recommend this nor oppose this, I would rather say that if you are
-of the super-careful type
-is always on the go
-need a quick fix in place of liquid/cream foundation
-hates powder foundations
you can try this!

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