Sunday, May 04, 2014

A Weird product: E.L.F Cosmetics Studio Body Shimmer in shade Mystic Moonlight

Have you ever used a product and wondered if the company really thought things through? Like how the user is supposed -well- use it? I feel that frustration when I use shampoos with squeeze nozzles like hand soaps [I don't know about others, but when I shampoo I need some goodish amounts and I don't wanna keep squeezing] or when you see palettes with powder & cream products just side by side - how yucky is a lip color with black eyeshadow powder in it!

Anyways, this body shimmer by ELF is one weirdly designed product.

Create sexy, soft shimmer for a healthy looking glow that is lightweight and comfortable. Great for using on cheeks, lips, eyes, and decollete. The convenient twist-up design is easy to use for quick application. Simply glide on this chic shimmer for a sunless, gorgeous glow. 

Price: $3 USD for 0.35 oz

And what I have to say:  

"Nauthannen i ned ôl reniannen" -  Do you feel a thrill when you listen to this? I loved watching LOTR and Galadriel & Arwen kinda defined the word 'ethereal' for me. And why I said this whole story is - if you have the same ethereal complexion like Galadriel and have always wanted that elvish fairy sparkly look, this would be a great highlighter for you.

Mystic Moonlight - is a very frosty shimmery cool-toned silvery shade that leaves some serious shimmer behind on your skin. The shape is good for applying the product on the cheek directly - if it were a subtle highlighter, which this is not. Also, who wants to apply super frosty highlighter in such a wide swipe? The shimmer bar is pretty wide and a lot of product applies if you use this directly on cheeks. The product applies smoothly and is kinda okay to blend it out.

The super frostiness of this product makes it pretty hard to apply as a highlighter for any day wear, cos frankly I don't care to be a disco ball. The sparkly silver shade kinda makes it hard to use it at night also, cos the silvery shade grabs some prominence unless I really blend it in, in which case, all that shows up is the shimmer - which again turns me to a disco ball!

And using it on decollete - did you see the shape of it? How easy did ELF guys think it would be to swipe this across the decollete? It feels weird & applies weird! Also, the shimmer grabs on to hair, clothes and that turns super messy!

The only 2 ways I could use it is on eyes & lips as a highlighting shade. Now, for eyes, I like it. It looks pretty nice if I use it near the corners, beneath the brow bone and under the lower lash line. But, the point is - why would I buy this to be used as an eyeshadow, when I can buy - well,actual eyeshadows.

But on lips, well.. Meh! Its okay enough to apply on the cupids bow, but after some time, all that remains is shimmer. I tried using it in the center of my lower lips once, but I didnt really care for the texture and I am not a big face of using cheek products on lips [I don't mind the vice versa]. 

 Overall: This may be a good fit, if you are the super fair shade of skin color. If you like it, good for you. But me, I wouldn't really recommend this shade. I have a bronze-y shade that I am planning to try during summer. So lets see!

Spring Colors: Barry M Lip Paint in 145 Punky Pink

I got this Barry M lip paint from Asos, some time back and since then, I was more into nude MLBB lip trend and then later the whole 'coral' lips fiasco, I got distracted & didn't use it for a long time. Last month, I was digging up all my bright lip colors for Spring & Summer and I came across this one and went WOW as soon as I swatched it.

Since I was looking for a great fuschia-toned pink that can be a poww-wow color for Spring & Summer, the shock of finding exactly that amongst my stash made me think - may be I should shop in my wardrobe once a month! 

About Barry M Lip Paint [from Barry M Website] There is a shade to suit every occasion from soft, shimmering pastels to bold, vibrant colours. All Lip Paint's have a soft, smooth texture that is packed full of natural moisturisers to help them glide on and stay comfortable to wear for hours

In Canada, this is available from for approx $7.50 CAD.

My Experience:

There are very few products that are pocket-friendly yet almost perfect in how they meet the purpose - this lipstick from Barry M is one of them. The shade Punky Pink is a beautiful bright blue-toned fushcia-ish pink that may look scary in tube but applies beautifully on lips.

The lipstick casing is okay - small and handy, which I like. I just wish they would have been a bit more creative with the design, like may be give the color in the casing, cos its hard to know the color by just looking at it. Also, the shade name is not listed on the tube. I am sure I'd prefer to see the label PUNKY PINK as opposed to 145!

As I have learned with lipsticks, the brighter the shade, usually the better the pigmentation and staying power. Another benefit of wearing a brighter shade is it usually brightens your face & pulls your look together. With nude or MLBB shades, your makeup has to be perfect to get the best finish for the entire look. With a brighter shade, you can go minimalistic in your eyes or cheeks and yet look very chic.

The name Lip Paint is frankly a bit scary - I imagined something that will be a bit sticky and long wearing with a very nasty chemical scent. However, this aint like that - it applies very a slightly creamy satin finish. Its somewhere between cream, satin and matte - I love the look that it gives.

With 2 swipes over my lips
One swipe gives a good amount of pigmentation and with 2-3 swipes you get the full color. It is decently moisturizing but not overly so. So, if you have dry lips, you may want to apply this over a thin balm. 

Other than that - no irritation, no taste, no harsh scent. Staying power is around 4-5 hours though the color still remains even when it starts to fade. 

Just a note - here is a blog post where this lipstick is touted as a good dupe for MAC Girl About Town - since I don't own MAC, I can vouch for the review, but it looks pretty accurate :)

 Overall: For the price and quality, this is one great lipstick and I love the color.

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