Monday, December 23, 2013

Reviews and Swatches: Faces Canada cosmetics Mineral Lip color in shade Cafe Date 05

This is a lip color which I have never used once before chucking it out after expiry date. The reason is simple - the color washed me out completely. I couldn't even get it to work even with blot-apply-blot-apply-blot-lipgloss technique which usually works with most unflattering shades of lippies.

This is from Faces Canada cosmetics mineral line, which is discontinued now. I forgot what was the original price, guess it was around INR 300 and I got it on sale, doesn't matter now that you can buy it any more.

It is not bad formula wise but I failed to see any difference between other creamy lipsticks from Faces line and this one. This was a tad bit matte-er and creamier than Moisture rich lippy but not as creamy as Satin Matte, some where in between. This applies straight matte, no shimmer no shine. It is a peachy nude color; I find pinky and peachy nudes the hardest colors to work especially for warm uneven skin tones.

Nothing much to add as it is no longer available; however if you have this color and couldn't get it to work for you, here are 2 ways to use it:
1. Use it as a creamy blush
2. In a mixing plate, cut a small piece of the lip color. Add any shade of matte or creamy lip color at least 2-3 tones brighter. Use a spatula to blend and mix well. Warm it in microwave oven for 15secs. Mix again and keep it for 2-3mins to set. Apply with a brush.
For a herbal tint, instead of lip color add 3-4 drops of filtered beet juice or pomegranate juice.
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