Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review and Swatches:E.L.F Studio cream eyeliners in shades Purple and Teal tease

E.L.F Studio cream eyeliners in shades Purple and Teal tease

After reading some nice reviews about ELF products in IMBB, I was dying to try it so when I got a chance to order some products of this brand through a very sweet person I met through IMBB  from US, I jumped on it.  After waiting for a month or so, I got this and I must say it was so totally worth the wait and thanks a lot to my dear friend for sending this.

The product has already been reviewed in 2 shades in IMBB
·         Shade coffee by Nupur:

These cream liners have got some rave reviews and I must say I agree with most of em: they are super pigmented, brush is nice, the liner applies quite beautifully on lids and lasts for a decent duration of 3-4 hours.
The shade purple is my favorite and I wear it very often as it’s an everyday shade. It is a dark plum-ish color that reminds me of egg plant. It has very slight shimmers in it and can be used for a good winged eye look. The only problem I have is that it’s a bit hard in consistency than the teal color and so I usually use a damp eye liner brush.  In my opinion, this color will look amazing on brown eyes or very fair lids or if worn with light-eye shadow-makeup. 

The shade Teal tease was an impulse addition as I honestly didn’t think I can really carry this shade off. This is a bright teal blue shade which IMHO is a good try for beach wear or summer wear. But I read somewhere that its very difficult for non-models and non-film-stars to carry off these shades without looking like a clown and sadly I have to agree that this probably is not the best shade for a darker skin tone like mine as it looks very OTT. I must however say that formula wise I love this better than purple as this is creamier. It has some shimmer in it which very fine and as a color I love this.
To Love?
·         Nice shades
·         Cheap for the price [3$ = approx 150 per piece]
·         Decent staying power of 2-3 hour
·         Sets easily, doesn’t smudge much
·         No animal testing
·         No irritation or any other issues with the product
·         Love the glass packaging
·         Decent quantity for the product
Not so Love?
·         ELF, when are you coming to India?????
·         The brush is not that great, so preferably don’t use this for precision lining
I am eyeing the olive color, but I don’t know when I will be able to get my hands on this.
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