Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Not To Buy: ELF Essential Total Face Brush [or something to scratch your back]

In case, you've bought  this total face brush , and is wondering how to use this best - I've some suggestions.

You might be thinking - let me throw this to the waste basket, it scratched my face more than my kittens ever did..
But wait, this brush is not completely useless. 
I'd say - dip it in a glue or starch, get it stiff enough and use it to scratch your back or wherever it itches.
Another use could be - as a face pack slathering brush.
Or may be, something to dust your laptop key board? 
How about using this to apply that marinade on the fish fillet?

Whatever you use it for, I would say - don't, please please don't use it on your face, unless you're Hulk and has a literally rocky face! Cos, this brush has the harshest, scratchiest, poking-on-my-nose-est bristles I've seen.
This brush is enough to make you a convert of Sigma or BDellium brushes, but since I've tried ELF Studio line of brushes, I know that ELF can do it right if they want to. 

But I guess for $1, they decided-  Hmm...lets make something that will force these cheapskates to buy the $3 Studio Complexion Brush.
So, if you would like to try a face brush, go for the Complexion Brush.Much softer and does the job much much better. 
In fact, I think ELF Complexion brush is a great powder brush to have.

I think the pictures kinda speak for themselves, so enjoy !

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