Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New in Town: Bonne Bell Lip Lacquer in Daiquiri [a.k.a. What Not To Buy for $6 ]

It feels like all I am doing nowadays are "What Not To Buy" posts.. :( Good for you guys cos you can steer clear of the stuff but pretty bad for mah purse.. Ah is another one to the collection.

For a company that started in 1927 and has seen pretty much everything on the evolution of makeup, Bonne Bell doesn't seem to have really got the game in hand yet. The 2 products I have tried [click for review] so far, has been super duds. And here is yet another one to the gang. I have a new lipstick to try and some how I don't have much hope for that one!

You can get the product info here; it says it retails for $3.95 but I got it for $6 from my local Real Canadian. 

My Experience:

The Good...

Daiquiri is a pretty cool toned coral pink shade with golden shimmers. Sounds pretty right? It is, really. The color is a great summer shade and when I can get over my cribs about this product, it looks good on my lips.  

I also like the cute and handy packaging.
The Bad... 

Abra ca dabra... 
Make me a gloss Sticky Sticky Sticky, 
Make me a gloss Goopy Goopy Goopy, 
Make me a gloss Smelly Smelly Smelly,
Make me a gloss Weirdly Sweet, Weirdly Sweet Weirdly Sweet..

Lo! My wish is fulfilled! 

The Ugly...

Look at that wand.. just look at it... and tell me, how anyone can use this!  
Reminds me of some bug with lot of legs.. yeeeeeesh.....

I feel like a kid trying to draw pictures with a useless brush that comes with a tiny cheap paint box!

Overall: If you like the color and the glossy look and has some sentiments towards Bonne Bell, go for it. Otherwise, I see no reason to buy this.

Sorry for the poor image quality of pics in this post- I had to take this quickly as my friend's kid liked the tube and wanted it, so I was trying to take pics before she grabbed it.

Disclaimer: This review is only intended for this particular shade of this product. Also I have no way of knowing if I picked a rotten one out of other good stuff, I can only review what I have. 

NYX Butter Glosses in Tiramisu and Cherry Pie

After using these glosses, I wondered - what exactly makes them sooooo irresistible? 
Is the pretty packaging? 
Is it the beautiful gliding formula of the gloss?
Is it the range of 22 non-shimmery lip shades with a great mix of pastel and bright colors?
Is it the non-sticky creamy formula?
And I think I hit on the answer when I say - its all in the name! 

I mean, can you resist a lip gloss, so prettily packaged with the name "Butter Gloss"? 
(Lets keep aside the fact that trying to glide a chunk of butter on the lips feels pretty yucky and not fun. )
Just the name is enough to conjure up an image right from the pages of a glossy magazine.... Awesome marketing, NYX! Kudos!

You can read what NYX has to say about these glosses here
Price: $5 USD, they have lots of pretty shades too!

My Experience:

Let me start with what I don't like about these 1st, cos thats a short list!
  1. NYX don't ship to Canada and Rest of the world, so we miss out on all the good stuff and sales. I don't consider their "partnership" with MyUS as a shipping option - thats too expensive to buy these pocket friendly products!
  2. As much as I love the sturdy packaging, I wish it was partly clear so I could see the product inside :(
  3.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... thats it? Really?

 Now for the good stuff:
  1. Pretty cool packaging - its fun to line them up in the drawer! :)
  2. Lots of pretty shades to choose from
  3. Non-sticky application with a beautiful glossy finish
  4. Average staying power of 2-3 hours but provides longer lasting hydration - no need for lip balms with these babes
  5. One of the most comfortable-on-lips formula, especially from drugstore

Tiramisu is a pretty dull shade for my skin tone, but could be a nice MLBB shade for paler cool toned skins. 
Its a cool toned nude 'Dusty-Rose'-ish pink-ish brown.


Cherry Pie is a beautiful Orangey Red, which makes it a great day wear for Summer.


Overall: Well, what is not to love? This is probably one of the best products from NYX. If you don't have them yet, try them soon, cos you're really missing out!
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