Saturday, March 14, 2015

What Not To Buy: 2 Disappointing Lip products from Lise Watier

Its totally understandable that cosmetic companies cannot come up with hits all the time. But the problem is - nobody minds a dud when you pay small bucks but when your wallet is hit to buy a lipstick, you expect your money's worth in gold. At least I do!

That is where these 2 products from Lise Watier fail for me. 
If they were like $5 , I wouldn't mind that they suck. But they weren't. I don't remember the exact cost, but it was definitely not so sweet on pocket.

In 2 words, the reason why these 2 items suck is - POOR PIGMENTATION.
If I buy a lip product, I expect it to have some depth of pigmentation, or some other redeeming quality. This one has no positive attributes except for pretty packaging. 

This has kinda put me off the brand. Have you used any Lise Watier products? If so what are your experiences?

That's all from me- Cheerio!

All that Glitters aint Gold - so true! Look at that pretty floral packaging.
Tender Pink is the shade name for the lip crayon.

Stunning design on the gloss!

A vanity piece - no doubt!

This gloss has everything except - color!


Power gloss? Really???? Swatching against white paper was the only way to see the shade!

If only they paid as much attention to actual product as for packaging!

Of course - low pigmentation, too much creaminess = breaking off while you struggle to get some depth

Tender Pink - after so much swiping and layering...whew!!!

Monday, March 09, 2015

Mano A Mano: Essence Extra Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen Vs Gosh Intense Eyeliner Pen

We Indians have traditionally got one element of makeup right - eyeliner/kajal/kohl. Two generation back, ladies made their own kohl from blackened oil/ghee and herbs. I will make a video sometimes on that, cos that is just awesome and if I'd enough time, I'd go for it any day over anything bought from store.

Anyways, this is just straight up fight between 1 drugstore and 1 slightly more expensive one.
I'd mentioned in my previous  post that I am going to cut down the "blah blah"s in my post.
Keepin it short & sweet....

And the winner is: _____________

Essence eyeliner is: Cheap, easy to use but black is not really blacky black and the tip is weirdly wobbly making precision a tough thing. Best used - with darker smoky eyes, when you can get away with a less precise line

Gosh eyeliner is: More expensive and slightly more difficult to find, easier to draw a thinner line, more intense black than Essence, but somehow it is hard to get that precise application.

For all I know, it may be that I'm handicapped in drawing precise lines with felt tip liners. But I do get nice lines with some liquid liners, so I like to think this is not my fault! :)

Notice the thick tip - it is not firm but wobbly in a weird way. Not the blackest black either.

Getting a precise line with this one - so far no luck!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

New In Town: NYC SMOOCH PROOF LIQUID LIP STAINS in Unforgettable Fuchsia and On Everyone's Lips

I've decided to keep my reviews short and sweet.
Cos after all who has the time to read all the stories????

It also makes my life as a blogger easier :)

So here we go.

My review on this new product from NYC is.....


Okay, here we go...


Dear NYC - Love you for being cruelty free and many other awesome products, but this one is nah..

Unforgettable Fuchsia on Left, On Everyone's Lips on Right

Unforgettable Fuchsia on Left, On Everyone's Lips on Right

Unforgettable Fuchsia on Left, On Everyone's Lips on Right

My bare pigmented dull weirdly shaped lips

On Everyone's Lips on my weirdly shaped lips


In the swatch pic above  - you can see the gel like consistency of the lip stain. On lips, this translates to a thin sheer-medium weirdly tinted shade.  I'd expected the nudeish On Everyone's Lips to be a more peachy brownish mauve-ish shade, but it came across as a straight up pinkish mauve shade on my lips. To get the color in the pic above, I applied 3-4 coats.

It applies patchy, gives a slightly unpleasant tingling sensation and doesn't really last that long.

Of the 2, I'd recommend Fuchsia which is much more pigmented and has less of a patchy effect.

Buy this if you like:
- lightweight comfortable lip products

 I'd recommend:
- buying Revlon's new moisture stay lip stains over this, though a bit more pricier. 

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