Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review and Swatches: Coloressence Satin Smooth Highlighter Blusher in shade Amber Peach 10

This time I am reviewing a blusher from Coloressence. I am not much of a blush addict as I dress in a hurry always to office [blame my laziness to wake up in morning :( ] and usually only have time to apply some face powder and lipstick.

I got these from on a sale. They looked like a great peachy shade and for the sale price, it looked like a steal.

Nature's Essence and their makeup line Coloressence are new players [relatively!] in the market and they have some nice pocket friendly products. I have reviewed their lipsticks previously [ Check em here ]

In the packaging it is mentioned as a satin smooth "highlighter"! I always thought highlighters and blushers were different products...These dont come with a brush, but that is fine with me as the brushes usually packed with blushes are good only for emergency travel.

The color is a matte brick-peach color that gives a sun-touched hint to cheeks. Very summer, very daytime color. I love it. The blusher packaging is the boring screw-lid one but it has the benefit of being sturdy.

The problem with these kinda packaging is it screams  "cheapoooo" and its not something you wanna take out of your vanity bag on a night out. I wish cosmetic companies would recognize that black is good only when the packaging is super classy or else if your brand is that cool. A colorful or even a single bright color packaging would certainly lift the tone of the product.

The downside for me is the lack of ingredients. I always like to see the list, be it so scary. The blusher swatches beautifully and doesnt have any shimmer which again I like. :)

The blusher blends very smoothly, doesnt feel very bad and if applied properly [with bright colors, one must be super light handed] looks very good.

Why wait? Go for this shade.. :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Review and Swatches: Colorstreet lipstick in shade 108

Yet another shade from the Colorstreet range: Shade 108.
The shade is a baked coffee brown color that is my definition of a perfect formal wear lippie.
IMHO, this is one of the 5 essential lip colors every woman should have. The others will be - a good vampy red, a girly pretty pink, a bright fuschia shade and a warm coral peach shade :)

The only fault I can find with such dark shades of brown are that they are terribly aging. The makeup should be flawlessly good, your skin should be healthy and glowing else you could so easily end up looking like a hag.

As I mentioned earlier, these lippies are creamy and pigmented enough to make it a decent purchase for INR 50.

You can find the reviews for the other shades here. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review and Swatches: Streetwear Color Rich lipstick in shade Pink Pie

I have reviewed 4 shades in this range before and you can expect some more soon :)

This range has decently priced [INR 160]lippies, beautiful texture and average staying power plus the bestest benefit - its available everywhere! :)

The other colors I have with me are Pink Angel, Berry Berry, Pink Carnation and Sun Kissed. I need to check if I missed anything :)

Pink Pie is actually what I would call a Coral Pink shade.. Its a beautiful pinkish-reddish-brownish shade which looks good on all skin tones.

This is a superb color and a nice lippie. Dont miss it..

Review and swatches: Colorstreet lipstick in shade 148

Here is another shade from Colorstreet range - this time a purple beauty. This one I like :)
I dont have many purple shades, it doesnt suit me but it looks good at times..

Review and Swatches: Colorstreet lipstick in shade 129

I have already reviewed 2 shades of this cheap yet decent quality lipstick. To know more about the lipstick details check my previous blog post links given below.

This is the most useless shade in the group I got.. Its a pale pink in a frost finish which honestly does suit any Indian complexion except probably the fairest like Kareena Kapoor..

I was looking for a light pink and since its cheap on pocket, I thought to give a try. Now the only purpose I can think of for this lippie is as a pale pink blush or brow high lighter.. :)

But this aint the worst lippie in my collection.. That winner will be revealed in following posts.

I will be reviewing more shades of this lippie soon. This is available online at , , and

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review and Swatches: Streetwear color rich lipstick in shade Pink Satin

Here is another from my Streetwear Color Rich range of lippies... I must say, I am quite impressed by the shades they carry now.. Cant believe I used to sneer at them once upon a time!

This is yet another pretty pink shade they carry. It is a beautiful pink-red shade that would be ideally called raspberry.. :) On my pigmented lips, it looks very bold pinkish shade.

I am not a fan of their packaging which I feel can be improved... How about a cute pink or peach shade for the plastic casing?

As I have reviewed before, these are not long stay but substitutes for it by being nicely smooth and creamy.. :)

Anyways I love these lippies and I have got some to review in this range so stay tuned.. :)

Links to other reviews:

Review and Swatches: Coloressence Mesmerising lip color in shade Back to Basics #45

Coloressence is a brand I find more online than in shops. I have tried their skin care line, I dont know honestly if I can reach a snap judgment over their products, some are good, some not so..

So when had a nice discount sale [wonder why they stopped their beauty line!! :(] I got 2-3 shades and this is one of them as I wanted to try this brand. I had expected a nice nude-ish shade from the pic shown online.

The ingredient list is slightly surprising. It mentions coriander and basil extract [really??????] but it doesnt say so anywhere in the active ingredients list. And I do wish companies put their full list on the tube. I am super happy about the vegetarian part though.. :)

I find the packaging quite good, actually slightly better than their Premia range which I'd reviewed here  as I can see the shade through the bottom area of the tube.

The casing is also pretty good, but after using the lippie I wish they had spent more on quality and less on packaging!

The lipstick has a nice smell and a slightly weird taste which I really didnt want in a lip product, I prefer them to be tasteless. This is a duotoned pearl finish lipstick- confused? It means it is not a single true color, it has a pearly shine actually a goldenish shine and looks slightly pink-to-peach in different light and on lips.

The color is very similar to Jordana's All Spicy lipstick in shade and effect though I like All Spicy better. This is not a creamy lippie, its quite waxy and needs 2-3 swipes to get a good color. I cannot use this without lip balm as it is quite drying, so that kinda nullifies the moisturizing claim that the brand makes.

I am not sure about the claim on protecting [how????] and voluminising [again, how????], I dont know , may be it does, I have not seen any special effect. The color stays decently for 3-4 hours without food and when fades, leaves a soft tinge behind. Thankfully no glitters! :)

Will I recommend this or buy this again? Hmmm..not sure.. this is quite a nice lippie if you consider price against use but I prefer single color creamy lippies which doesnt have any special effect :) 
I prefer Streetwear's Color Rich range for the same budget, but definitely this scores better than Streetwear in terms of staying power.

I would say, if you like the duo-tone or pearly effect, or slight shimmer [ I wonder why they dont have any matte lippies in their range!!!] go for this.

Coloressence team, my request is to 1. Add some matte shades for a slightly mature female grp, 2. Classify your lippies as Shimmer, Pearly and matte etc so we know what we are buying. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review and Swatches: Max Factor Vibrant Curve Effect lip gloss in shade Majeste 14

I thought I'd review a lippie which I absolutely dont use and kinda rather dislike also.. Just as a favor to all nice ladies out there.. :)

This is a gift I received when I did my wedding makeup shopping and I didnt bother to check the proverbial gift horse in the mouth, so I just got this and took it home and found that this is just good as nothing!

I thought this would be a good addition to my nude lippie collection as the color showed to be a promising nudish brown color. The lipgloss is packaged very unattractively in a boring plastic casing! Cannot believe an international brand goes for such poor packaging!

Since this was a freebie, I got a mini version of the original lip gloss. The writings are quite faded but there was no ingredients marked and I have not much clue on the price as well. However the full sized version is available online and I guess is around 500INR.

The wand applicator is quite soft and it is easy to spread the color around. The problem is with the product itself. It has a melon-ish scent which is somehow a bit repulsive as I am reminded of a decaying watermelon which I had unfortunately smelled.. :(

The gloss itself is an easily spreading shimmery liquid. On the plus side, the shimmer is not very garish, the color is a soft nude brown that looks good for day wear.

On the minus side, this gloss doesnt stay long, doesnt give much of a glossy effect, the color on lips looks too cheap for a gloss that is supposed to be on the expensive side and overall, I totally dislike this gloss.

Nothing more to add on this, gals, if you wanna buy a gloss, go for Bourjois, Revlon, Lotus, Inglot..lotsa options there, but better not risk with this one!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Review and Swatches: Streetwear Color Rich lipstick in shade Crystal Mauve

I have already reviewed 3 shades of this cool range of lippies. This one is another pretty pink lippy that I have from this range and what can I say, I love em all.. :)

This costs now 160Rs but that is much decent price rise than what Colorbar has done to us.. :(
Anyways, the color is a beautiful mauvish-pinkish shade with blue tones that works beautifully on my pigmented lips.

It goes slightly sheer in application and to my delight gives a nice naturally pinkish look on my lips. The colorstay is not very great, but decent enough.

When I heard the name Crystal Mauve, I was under the impression that this would be a frosted mauve color, so I'd put off buying this as I am not a fan of frosted lipsticks or lippies with shimmer. Then I got a chance to test this at a store in Mysore and got this.. :)

The advise I have for Streetwear team would be: Pls dont put scary names and pls pls pls do update your packaging!!! Its sooooooo boriiiinggg!

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