Saturday, February 15, 2014

Instant face brightener from your kitchens.. Party special tip

Here is an instant face brightener tip.. thank me once you try this..
Have a party at 7pm and you discover you look more like zombie bride after a grueling workday?
Try this to pep up your skin and looks..

What you need..

1. 1 bottle of water or as much as you need to drink to get you to pee atleast once :) believe me, it is not nonsense.. If you can get Orange juice, lime juice or any good juice, all the more better... keep drinking till you pee atleast once...

2. Got some ice? Rub on your face after washing it.. and rub on it once more after you apply your moisturiser and has rubbed it in.. this really gets your skin smooth and calm..


3. Take a pad of cotton or any good cloth, wet it nicely with as cold water as you can manage and put it over your face and lie down for 5-10mins... Your skin will thank you for the rest.

4. Finally, the brightening part.. got a banana? Mash a small part of it, and rub it all over your face before you start any beauty regime or makeup.. Massage for atleast 2-3mins and keep it on for another 5mins. If possible, lie down with a warm-wet-cloth over the face...

My skin looks very fresh after the stuff I mentioned above and I like cos a major part deals with lying down and its something I sooooooo wanna do after a days work before any party or outing..

Did it work for you? Let me know.. :)

Lazy Beauty Guide- Looking Good While Cooking :-)

This might look confusing but its about how you can multi task while doing house hold chores like cooking, to do some beauty treatment at the same time without spending exclusive time for it.

What I do while I cook:

1. Using oil- do you use olive oil? If so dab some on your face with a brisk massage before you start your kitchen chores and your face will benefit without additional effort. Actually any oil will do.
If you suffer from facial hair like I do, heat some oil with some turmeric till the oil turns light yellowish -make sure the turmeric powder doesn't burn - and use this oil daily to brighten your face and reduce hair growth.


2. When you cut/peel vegetables or fruits like orange, apple, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, potato etc, use a small slice or the peel to rub the juice all over your face. You get a good mini facial with no additional time or effort.

3. Need glowing skin in 5 mins? Take butter or ghee and massage all over your face for 3-4 mins. If you can rub some lime juice after this onto your face, even better. Keep massaging and wash off with water, no soap and use napkins or oil absorbent tissues to wipe off additional oil. Use rose water or a toner or milk and pat it over lightly. Get that baby smooth glowing skin without any hard work.

Let me know how this works for you..:)
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