Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Review and Swatches: Oriflame Very Me Lipmania lipstick in shade Vibrant Peach

Oriflame was one of the 1st international makeup brands that was available in my place when I was growing up and I always had a fondness for the brand :)
I got this lipstick recently through a friend I met through IMBB, I was looking for coral lipsticks and she suggested this one to suit my darker coloring.
About the lipstick:
Go head over heels for colour! This must-have lipstick comes in ten intense shades that give your lips sheer, high-gloss coverage. Specially designed packaging for every facet of you.
I like this one for 2 things: 1. Cheap and good quality, the price is 198INR, but you can get this on offer for less 2. It is a nice flattering shade that can be nude MLBB shade if worn on single layer or can be a bright rosey coral shade if worn to full intensity.
The formula is a creamy matte shade with no shimmers and is a nice daily wear shade. It doesnt score much on staying power but is nicely pigmented and no strong scent .
I wouldnt say this is a must-buy lipstick, but it is a fun-try and it fits your pocket. Only problem is finding a nice Oriflame consultant to send your fav picks.

I like the transparent bullet casing of the lipstick that helps in easy color selection.

Review and Swatches: Maybelline Whitestay UV base in shade White with Meroxyl SX+XL and SPF 35

I was searching for a face primer for my wedding makeup stash and before I could go to a MAC store and get the primer I want, I had to return to my home and there was no MAC store in the 300Km vicinity. So I asked my friend in Chennai to get a makeup base and this is what she got for me.

About Maybelline Whitestay UV base in shade White:

Product Benefits

  • A pre-makeup base with skin tone correcting pearls for visible glowing fairness.
  • Advanced protection technology with SPF 35 prevents skin darkening.
  • Skin is visibly luminous!

Number of Shades: 3

  • White: makes skin lighter and brighter
  • Pink: Gives a glow/ healthy appearance.
  • Purple: Corrects yellow skin tone
I will start by confessing that I had not much idea on what I was expecting since I had never used a base before, I always used my face cream as one. And after using this, I couldnt see much difference either!

May be I selected the wrong shade, so I am not blaming the product or the shade. All I am saying is if you are normal to oily skinned like me, medium wheatish fair and stays in a humid climate like Chennai or Kerala, better think 3 times before you use this.

The cream is a whitish emulsion like consistency and has a chemically scent. It takes around 5mins to absorb on my skin but I guess for dry skin beauties it shouldnt be a problem. I could see a shiny effect on my face, but I can get that with a sunscreen. I couldnt see any lightening and brightening effect, may be it is just a wrong selection for me.

And I have no idea what Meroxyl thing is :-) Overall, I think this is a very personal selection item,  before you buy, try and see if it works!

Review and Swatch: Lipice sheer color lip balm in Strawberry

I am not much of a fan of tinted lip balms as I think it kinda interferes with lipstick colors, my idea of a lip balm is a thin layer of protection for my lips from lipstick chemicals :-) I got this to complete a minimum purchase value to redeem a coupon and though I cannot stay it is my HG lipbalm, it is fairly okay.

About Lipice Lipbalm:

LipIce Sheer Color Strawberry
With LipIce Sheer Color Strawberry, you can now protect your lips while making them look beautiful.
LipIce Sheer Color Strawberry is a lip balm that mysteriously turns from white to pink, on application.
LipIce Sheer Color Strawberry comes with:
·  Natural Beeswax that nourishes and replenishes your lips
·  Natural Olive Oil that softens and keeps your lips moisturized
·  Vitamin A, C and E with deep moisture that keep the lips soft, supple and fresh
·  Protect lips from harmful UV rays
·  Fortified with Strawberry flavor

Price is 190 INR but it can be lesser on offer.

The lipbalm is a whitish stick that spreads thinly and evenly and get absorbed very easily on lips. I am not sure if its really moisturising as it got absorbed very fast and didnt stay long, so guess it might be even less-staying on drier lips.

The sun protection is a nice benefit as I read somewhere about how lip pigmentation is caused by sun. The tint is a pinkish color on lips and stays for around 1+hours without eating or drinking. The scent is a bit strongly fruity and it tastes a bit sweet to me.


I dont think it is a great lip balm, more like a tinted lip color with some lip protection added in.So unless I get some good offers, I would rather stick with my Nivea or Himalaya lip balm
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