Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review and Swatches: Faces Canada Long Wear Eye Pencils in Dark Green, Aqua blue and Purple

Check these out at FACES website here; there are around 10 shades and costs  around INR 349. You can also  buy it from Medplusbeauty website here

 Regarding the quality of these eye pencils, they are pretty good on pigmentation and on staying power.
There are 2 different finishes here – matte and shimmery/satin.
Staying power on average is around 6-7 hours and is longer for the satin/shimmery one rather than the matte one, which I found surprising.
Also I found that the Satin/shimmery finish pencils applied more creamily and smoothly than the matte ones but matte shade sets faster than the Satin type.
Matte shade also became patchy after 4-5 hours while satin finish stayed better and longer.

Dark Green is a matte green shade that flatters fairer skin tones better than medium to dark skin tones.
On my skin, it looks more blackish green and the color doesn’t actually show very well.
I am okay with one, but this is not a favorite of mine out of the 3.

Aqua blue is a bright shade, but not an intimidating bright.
If you are wary of using a bright color, start using this over a matte color to subdue to color a bit.
This is a nice bright blue color, that is a superb color for summer outings.
Do remember that bright eye colors go with subdued makeup and neutral lips.
This has a very shimmery satin effect and applies beautifully.
Not an everyday color, but a really fun color for Summer and beaches.

My fav color out the 3 shades is the Purple. I love it, its a beautiful egg plant color.
It just looks so beautiful and applies so nicely.
It can be applied dark to look more blackish purple for a daytime wear or sheered out a bit to bring the purple tones better.
Try smudging purple against black to give a wonderful smoky effect for a beautiful day look.

Overall, I like this range as a whole, though I would pick a satin finish & stay clear of mattes.

Review: The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask Sample

This is a quick review or a 1st impression review because this is based on a sample I received. Since I got only 1-2 uses of this product, I cannot say anything regarding the long term effects of this item.

I have got so many Face Shop products recently - all because they opened a pretty new store at a mall near by :( I will be doing a haul post on that soon. This was one of the samples I got. The SA at the store raved about this product as well as another eye de-puffing item which she said is a must have for people with baggy eyes like me [though she politely said 'tired' eyes]. I may get that as soon as the weather here makes me not want to kill myself every time I go out!

I really liked the concept here- apply mask at night, wash off in the morning. No worries on waiting for mask to dry, then wash and then sleep blah blah. Also I am all for a product that doesn't prevent me from eating or drinking. So I applied this mask at night after my CT ritual ; instead of moisturizing I applied this mask[I got 2 uses out of this sample] and washed it in the morning. I noticed a slight brightening and overall smoothness to skin that lasted through the day. I liked its scent and also the fact that it dries clear so I don't have to worry about staining my pillow.

Overall I liked it both times I tried. I didn't notice any long lasting effects but then I didnt honestly expect any. It really did a good job of making my face fresh and smooth and that is enough for me :)
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