Friday, April 11, 2014

A time for sun-screens.. Target Store Brand Up & Up Sport Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 60 Spray

This was an impulse purchase from Target - they had some 2 for 1 or so sale happening and I am always in the market for sunscreens especially of high SPF.

I don't remember the cost but I think it was around $7-8 CAD for 2; anyways it was cheaper than other alternatives with the same SPF, so I picked it up.

My Experience: 

This is a no-nonsense sunscreen - it does the job, but don't expect it to do anything much. This is a clear spray but what Target doesn't say in the bottle is how oily-ish it can make skin look. It applies kinda sticky, so don't use it unless you have 10-15mins for it to set or unless you are going for a walk in the beach & don't care how you look! May be this would be a good deal for very dry skinned ladies, I don't know.

 I use this on days when my skin feels more than usually dry and I have 10mins to spare before starting on my makeup routine. Don't ever spray it on to your face - it can hurt eyes like hell. Also it irritates my eye area, so don't apply near eyes or mouth [very very very yucky taste]. 

The best use is of course for body - my suggestion is to avoid using this for face, it ain't worth the hassle of application.
Since I don't sun bathe or swim in 2 piece, I can't say how this water resistant this is .

Overall: Good for body, not for face. Nothing to write home about. Okay dokey.

$2 Makeup: Jordana Easy Liner in Black

Jordana cosmetics is an US based brand and I have already reviewed 3 products from this very affordable brand here, here and here . I was not very happy with their Quick Liner for eyes but I have read some rave reviews on their Easy liners and their new 12 HR Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil. 

Like most other affordable US brands, like E.L.F, Milani, NYX etc, Jordana is also not easily available in Canada [Sighhhh]. A few items are available at local dollar stores and this is one I picked. 

Easy Liner for Eyes is priced at 1.99 USD and is available in 13 shades. 

My Experience:

This is an average product and I really don't have much to say on this. Pigmentation is not great but not bad either. Its all about perspective- after all, it is unfair to compare a $2 eyeliner's pigmentation to that of an Urban Decay or MAC. 

This didn't tug on my eyelids but I cannot honestly say that it glided or was very creamy. My complaint with this one was it took some time to build up the color. 

Also, staying power is average. It stayed for about 4 hours on my lid - but then my lids are naturally oily. I would suggest setting this with a powder. 
There was no irritation, this is a retractable liner, so no worry on sharpening. 

Overall: This is an okay eye pencil. I don't like it as much as I like my Essence 16 hr eye pencil but for $2, this is a nice to have option. They have some nice colors also.
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