Monday, April 14, 2014

What not to buy: Bonne Bell Eye Definer in Midnight Bark and Glow

Instead of making you read through a lot of stuff on how I bought & found that this is not a great purchase, I am going to say in 2 lines why this is not something you want to buy:

1. Not easy to apply & tugs on eyelids [mine is oily and to tug on mine means this will really hurt drier skin]
2. Poor pigmentation & pathetic staying power - needs4-5 swipes to get a decent color & stays for 30mins!

Bonne Bell is a brand I came to know from Archie comics of my childhood, and when I first came to Canada & saw this brand at my local Walmart, I got this pencil mostly from nostalgic reasons.

Price is around $2 CAD.

There is nothing much to bore you with, except that this is just a waste of money. If you add a primer or powder your lids, the wear time may increase to 1-2 hours. Another way to reduce hardness is by using a lighter to heat the tip for a second or two. Considering that Essence has a better product for same price, I wouldn't suggest buying this. 

If you bought one and is wondering how best to use it without wasting that 2 dollars, here are my suggestions [for this & other dud pencils]:

1. If its a dark shade like Midnight bark, try using this as a brow definer. Lack of pigmentation may be a good thing for a brow pencil.
2. If it is a light shade, use this as a lip definer or lip color barrier. You can also use this as a color neutralizer for pigmented lips.
3. Midnight bark can be using for contouring your nose edges, where precision is more important.

As always you can use this as coloring pencils so give it to your kid!
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