Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Tale of 2 Highlighters ... Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana and Something Surprising which you gotta see!

I say, don't be narrow minded when it comes to makeup products.. cos so many of them is meant for something but actually does something else better. 
I have had lipsticks that apply patchy but work beautifully as a cheek color. 
And sometimes a black eye pencil can add superb contoured effect to your Red lip color.

So without more story, introducing you to 2 products that are meant as something else but work beautifully as Highlighters. 

The 1st one shouldn't be a surprise because it is a popular Youtube guru favorite, espl with Emily Noel and that is Wet n Wild's Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. 

I can't really think of a complexion for which this would be a bronzer unless you're like Edward Cullen. 
For fairer complexions, this could even be a overall luminous powder to add that subtle glow.

For Light Medium to wheatish complexions this would work as a wonderful highlighter. 
You can add this for subtle effect and this is my current daily office wear highlighter, cos its not at all OTT and has no shimmer in it.

I would suggest this for a day use cos of the SPF and also cos its a very subtle highlighter that works well in Daylight than at night.

As you can see [or cant see] it is a very subtle glow...

The next one is a surprise and something I never expected when I got this. Introducing a least likely candidate for Highlighter-ship - Yves Rocher 100% Natural Origin Loose Powder Foundation.

You read that right. 
This is a mineral foundation. 
But it works as a highlighter.  

Cos when Yves Rocher thought they'd make a mineral foundation that would give a luminous glow-y finish, they were not shy or modest..they went full out and created a foundation that if you use as a foundation, would make you look like a disco bulb. 

You can see how luminous the powder is...

I was pretty disheartened when I came home and tried this product, cos this was an impulse buy and I was thinking - how can anyone mess up a mineral foundation, espl a reputed company like Yves Rocher? 

So this was lying in the corner unused, when last day I swatched this for a "What Not To Buy" post and thought, Hmmmm... I tried it with a light hand and was most pleasantly surprised by the effect.

Can you see the highlighter effect? Trust me, its much stronger in person!
This has some shimmers, so I would suggest using this at night. 
For paler complexions this could be a bronzy highlighter for getting that healthy glow-y Summer look.
For medium wheatish complexions, I suggest using this with a light hand and layering it over your blush for a luminous finish.

Overall: Moral of the Story - if you fail in using a cosmetics in one way, try in some other way.. Who knows, you might discover something!
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