Tuesday, March 04, 2014

My hair loves..... HASK Argan Oil Healing Shine Hair Treatment

I am very conservative & sensitive when it comes to hair care.
I trust in tried & tested grandma recipes for hair packs and I usually stay away from Hair styling products.

Now don't get the wrong idea - I have nothing against hair sprays; I just can’t stand them as they give me an instant migraine [Don't ask Why and How].
I would love to style my hair and get those beach waves or curls but anything of that shape in a NO-NO.

So the best hope I have to flaunt my mane is by making sure it looks as silky and shiny as possible.
During the last 3 months, the winter here nearly made me go EEEK whenever I looked at my hair.
So, I was searching for a lightweight hair potion that I could use daily, protect my hair from the blow-dry & A/C and yet would not trigger my sensitive migraine mechanisms.
Does this sound a bit like I am asking too much?

I was planning to try Argan oil products as I have read some good reviews.
When I saw this mini HASK Argan Oil  Hair Treatment for $3CAD at my local Walmart, I was like ‘Oh yeah, something new to try”..


You know what they say about good things come in small packages –well, that is true for this mini hair-rescuer.
Ever since I started applying this on my hair after bath or any time I use my blow dryer, my hair has started looking sleeker, shinier and silkier.
I also love the scent of this product- reminds me of some sensuous scents I’d tried at a spa in India…
The liquid has that gel-oil-ish consistency that hair serums have; it is pretty easy to apply and 1 tube lasted me for around 10 uses [I have long hair and I apply this from shoulder to the hair ends]

Overall: I agree with the product claims- it does rescue hair without leaving oily residues.
I have already got around 3-4 vials as back-up and I will be getting more n more.. :
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