Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Missed you last Halloween and Winter... NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Bruised

How I wish I'd found this lipstick last Halloween or Winter! I would have really enjoyed wearing this dark vampy gothic-style color.Since I'm so into brighter lip colors now, I am keeping this aside for coming Winter. However, this could be a year-round lippie for your wannabe Goth or Wiccan.

NYX's Extra Creamy Round Lipstick is not a very easy-to-use lipstick but they are cheap and they feel comfortable on lips.
For $4 USD, they are pretty easy on the pocket but their easily breakable & very creamy formula makes it a bit difficult to use them. This one I got, was already broken in transit, though it came in bubble wrap and all.

NYX says Bruised is a deep violet but I would say its more of a deep purple with red under tones , very similar to a Black Cherry kind of color.

They are not long wearing due to their creaminess but being a dark shade, Bruised does stain lips a bit. Which is good, if stained lippies are your thing. Now, after trying this out, this is what I feel about the color:

- Not for the faint hearted but then if you are, you wouldn't buy this in the 1st place... but if you bought it hoping this can be sheered out into a wearable purple, I am sorry for you. I couldn't sheer it out, if you did -let me know how you managed that!

- Not something you can apply directly from the tube as the application can easily get patchy. I suggest a concealer brush to get good coverage and even application

- Wear this matte by apply-blot-apply-again-blot-again - this is how I found it best to wear this color. It looks awesome if worn matte. But here is a word of caution - its a terror to remove from lips, if worn matte. Almost as difficult to remove as Lime Crime Velvetines were.

- Line your lips to avoid any possible feathering. This one doesn't but this is not a color you want to take a risk. Also, do your face makeup after your lips, if you're wearing this color as if by some chance it smears, it messes up everything very fast

Applied as sheer as I could with even coloring

Overall: This is not your everyday color. This is something you pull out for a special look - unless of course you're a Full Time Goth :) Formula-wise, probably not the easiest or most comfortable one around,but for $4 I think this is worth the money.
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