Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Smith's Rosebud Salve and 5 ways in which I use this!

I am in love with this wonderful product. I heard about this lip balm being a celebrity fav somewhere [was it Instyle? I dont remember] and next time I went to Sephora, I made sure I got this beauty.

For $6-$7 CAD, this is an amazing super-performing product. This lip balm saved my lips last winter and I am soooo thankful for that!

The jar is very pretty; the only flip side is digging the product from the tub. So I don't use it as a travel item.
I use a tiny spatula or at times a Q-tip.  I am also getting a lip gloss wand cleaned up for this purpose - getting lip balms out of jars!

This doesn't have a strong smell; it has a very comforting smell. I used to have a product - Rose water gel - that used to smell like Rose water and this has a very subtle scent of that. There is no tint to this product.

How I use and for what: I use this product every day morning and night after cleansing my face [including my lips] and hands. I use a thin layer as you dont need to use much. This applies smoothly and doesnt sit on the lips.

I use this as a lip balm as well as a skin salve for dry or chapped skin. I used this when the skin near my mouth started getting very dry and cracked. I used this daily for around 3-4 nights and days and Voila! my skin is back to normal again.

I also use this as a primer. Yes, primer. :) Thinking I am crazy? Well, if you have normal to dry or dry skin, you would definitely be needing or using a primer. I tried this one day when I thought my cheeks looked very dry and I applied a thin layer over my face and massaged it in. Then after 3-4 mins I patted my skin and it looked really good. I applied my makeup as normal and it lasted as good as it does when I use a primer.

Do you need some dewy skin effect? Try applying this balm over your blush in a very thin layer. Do remember not to smudge or mix this. Instead apply a thin layer and pat it with your middle & ring fingers. Also apply over your nose to avoid any drying on your nose and to give a nice lil shine.

Another way I use this product is as a lip color diluter. If I have a very bright color that I want to tone down seriously but don't really have much time for applying carefully or blotting much, I apply a slightly thicker layer of this lip salve and then apply my lip color over it. This makes the color much more sheerer and probably easier to wear.

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