Saturday, May 24, 2014

What Not to Buy: 2 Useless Lipglosses- E.L.F Super Glossy Lip Shine in Juiced Berry and Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Cherry Berry Kiss

I know - people may love sheer glosses, people may even love sticky sticky glosses, people can even love sticky no-color glosses - I know, I accept, cos in this wonderful world of ours, there is always someone who loves something [no, not going to sing a Dean Martin song here].

All I am saying here is - I don't. And this review, is for people who think like me & that is that a gloss that looks pigmented but is not and is also sticky is a waste of money. Do you agree? No? Then, well.. that's how life is! :)

Now going to the 1st offender, E.L.F Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15 in Juiced Berry:

Look at that glossy tube..look at that luscious color that it kinda promises...

Now look at the goop that came from it...looking like something out from a glue box.. I am being a bit harsh, considering ELF doesn't promise a lot of pigmentation. But still I feel kinda cheated. However, if it was just a reddish very lightly tinted gloss, I could've still used it to give a plumper look to my lips, but it is very very sticky!

Now that in my opinion, is too much. A no-color gloss that is a bit too sticky - is kinda totally unlovable for me. The point is, why would I waste money buying this useless stuff, when I can get better options if I pay a $ or more.. for e.g. Essence's gloss is $2 approx and they are superb. ELF has other glosses which perform much better. Also I think other shades from this same range has much better pigmentation than this one, which makes the stickiness almost bearable.

And now, presenting my second offender, a pricier Bonne Bell Liplites in Cherry Berry Kiss.

1st of all, the packaging is a bit unwieldy. The tube is longer and the wand is also weirdly longer than normal, making it a bit hard to apply. 

As with the ELF one, looking at the tube - one imagines a juicy glossy color. Also Bonne Bell promises to give some color and glossy effect but the highlight of the product is apparently the taste! 

Weird or what! Who buys a gloss for the taste? [If you're now thinking, "Well you did", I didnt! I didnt know this was being sold for its taste! Honest!]

Look how long that wand is!

The one thing I can say in support of this gloss is, it is not as sticky as ELF one. But thats it. Its a bit pricier than ELF , which makes it hard to justify buying a product that basically doesn't do anything for your lips. As with ELF, the other shades in BB LipLites seems okay, with some of them being claimed in Blog World as MAC dupes. So I guess I just got stuck with the loser of the bunch!

DISCLAIMER: If you have non pigmented pale lips, these may be good sheer gloss options for you. In which case, you might think I am being nonsensical. Even so, don't you wish its better to have a pigmented gloss you can wear sheer, than have a non-pigmented gloss that you cannot build up at all??

A case of mistaken identity: Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Candied Toffees

So the story begins when the heroine [ahem...] walk into a Walmart store and is thrilled to find that it has Milani products. 

Taking her sweet time, she checks this lipstick and that, and after considerable deliberation, she decides to get Candied Toffees - a nudish pinkish shade based on the color displayed in the bottom part of the gold casing. 

Look at that nudish coral-ish pink-ish shade displayed!
Alas, as she reaches home and pulls it out with all the eagerness to test it, she finds that she'd brought home a changeling - coppery bronzy metallic shade instead of the creamy nudish pink that the casing color promised her.... 

With a bitter curse on the botched marketing job, she flings the lipstick away & runs out into the darkness.... [[a.k.a the washroom]...

Do you expect this color after seeing the casing? Or do you think I need an eye exam?
But the story has a happy ending... she learns to love the bronzy shade after she finds that it suits her very well, and they both live happily ever after [except in Winter when she goes after darker matte-er shades]..

If you're yawning and cursing my story telling skills, well, I have nothing more to say except if you're in Canada you can buy this from here - . Price is around $6CAD.

Regarding other minor technical details of the story, the lipstick:
- has a nice golden packaging
- has a totally misleading color displayed in the bottom
- has a fruity but nice scent 
- has no taste, no irritation 
- has a nicely moisturizing texture and smooth application
- has a goodish staying power [around 3-4 hours with food]
- matches most complexions but would be best fit for medium to deeper skin tones

So, thats all, dear folks... thanks for reading and Ciao! :)
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