Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Self Adjusting Lipsticks -Do they work? Testing it out with Du Wop's Private Lipstick in Private Red

When I saw this lipstick at Shoppers Drug Mart for sale, I thought - 'Hey, a nice Red lipstick, but how many can you buy, so nahhh'; then I saw the description - Self Adjusting lipstick. 
Well, like any normal shopaholic , I was lured by the promise of buying something new & may be getting that perfect Red Lips.
Aaaand here is the result...

What Du Wop says - They say a lot, so I am not copying it here.. check it out at their website here
There are 7 shades and it costs around $22 CAD.

Packaging: Totally appreciate the sleek greyish black packaging - Awesome!

My Experience:

I have read reviews where people didn't notice much color change, so I thought I will test it out on 3 surfaces -  a white paper, my hand and my lips.

On the white paper, it appears as a blue-toned coral red shade. I didn't honestly care much for this shade.

On my hands, it appears as an orangey red shade. Loved this effect - I am a fan of orange.

Finally on my bare lips [no lip balm, pigmented lips] with its naturally mauvish tone, this appeared to be a darker red with brown tones. It came out as a warmer shade and I feel that it suits my skin tone -so Muy Contento!

Regarding how it applies- it is very creamy and its red -so beware of feathering. I suggest using a lip liner. You can see in my lip swatches how it has feathered.

It stains my lips but because of its creaminess the staying power is not very high - around 3-4 hours at the max without food or drink.

The intensity can be built upon; I am wearing it with 2-3 swipes which is almost a semi-intense look.

I don't think I would have been so happy with this lipstick if I'd paid the full price, considering that it does bleed and it is not a very long wearing lipstick. Also, another issue I find is, it does some how highlight all the lines on my lips; not a deal breaker for me but I guess it would be for dry skinned ladies.

This lipstick does seem to change color so I agree with their claim. I have read a lot of reviews where people didn't find any difference; however, unless my eyes are deceiving me completely, I find some amount of difference in the color.

Of course, the difference is not that wonderful or that significant and I honestly don't think that this lipstick does any magic in turning to the perfect Red. Its a gamble I guess- the lipstick changes color a bit subtly; if it matches you well and good!

I love this lipstick, it applies like a dream, no scent, no irritation, no taste and I dont mind reapplying.

Now the million dollar question or in this case $22 CAD question is - will I buy again for $22CAD? be honest, I don't think so. It is not that special; I would consider buying Du Wop's Mini collection - check it here

Du Wop is a cruelty free company so here is a huge THUMBS UP!
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