Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ipsy June 2014 Glam bag - "Pretty in Paradise" featuring the bag designed by Rebecca Minkoff

After I got this bag,  I realized that I rarely try out the various items I get from Ipsy - its like I just like getting new stuff in mail but can't go about using it [cos I am a lazy lazy lazy bug]. Anyways, lets dig into this month's Ipsy.

Ipsy is like a dear lil Santa that visits every month [on paying $15CAD of course but thats just a technicality] and even when I don't care much about the stuff inside, it still makes me happy to see the shiny pink package. 

This month's theme was Summer and beach paradises with Michelle Phan's video on Beach Essentials  kinda setting the mood- I don't know what all things she has done to look like this but she looks really amazin! Since I am planning a trip beach next week, this video and bag comes at a good time - let's see how useful it is!

Highlight of this bag has been - well, the bag itself. Designed by Rebecca Minkoff [never heard of her till this month's Ipsy, I should start reading Vogue or Instyle more], this bag has received so much attention in the blog world that it was probably inevitable that it disappoints, slightly..

The black base with pineapple print meant for a Hawaii theme, is very pretty and I love it. But I don't know if I should call this unique or designer stuff.  I mean -its just a black pineapple print bag with normal texture and red interiors. I like the red interiors though, but designer -really? I also found a bag in her website that may have been designed at the same time!

But its still a fun makeup bag to carry to beach- so thats in!

The other items in the bag are :
Be A Bombshell Lash Out Mascara
DERMAdoctor DD Cream Dermatologically Defining BB Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30
Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Green
NYX Butter Gloss  in Eclair

Out of this, the stuff I really want to try are the eyeliner and mascara. But neither is very exciting - product wise or color wise.
NYX butter gloss is nothing new and I already have a lot of shades, in fact I am reviewing 3 this week. 

The DD cream  may be good but I don't know how I can review it or even get a good use out of it, considering the size. Unless I find it performing that well, its just Meh for me. As for the beach spray - I am not a fan of the look [basically cos I cant get it right :)sheer jealousy].

So out of the 5, 3 is okay dokey and 2 is so so. Which makes this a good bag for me, but nothing exceptional.
I might decide to take the eyeliner because you can never have too much green eyeliners on a trip to beach :)

I wish Ipsy would start introducing all the new brands  - which was one major reason for signing up with Ipsy, instead of bringing the same Ol' Ol' brands. Hope some day I can open my Ipsy and find a Fyrinnae or Dose of Colors or Holika Holika in it!

If you wish to subscribe to Ipsy, this is my referral link; hope you like it as much as I do!
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