Friday, May 04, 2012

Review and Swatches: Anna Andre Paris Makeup Kit 01

Let me introduce you to my latest must-have-makeup-love: the handy makeup kit from Anna Andre Paris. I got to know about Anna Andre brand through a review in IMBB and decided to try out the products based on the review.

I got this from [check the link] for INR 325. To be honest, it was a blind guess cos they had mentioned 2 sets- 01 and 02, and I couldnt basically find any shade information to select which one is better. This is one feature of the website which I hope they will rectify soon.

It comes in a nice black cover and the items and clearly mentioned [in case you mistake eye shadow for a lip gloss.. :) :)] and the ingredient lists are added at the back of the cover, which I concede is a real nice thing.

I do wonder why a french brand has english labels and details, I mean look at Bourjois, everything is french there! :) And Anna Andre seems more of a russian name so I wonder what a mix this brand is. However I like this so no more enquiries!

The kit is again designed the same way as the cover, matte plastic black casing and a nice flower label.

I am super impressed by the quality of the mirror, seriously even costlier brands go cheap in selecting a nice mirror but this one scores in that.

In the Left End set [pic above], the top 2 colors are lip cremes, I will call them Pink Glitter and Creamy Pinky Brown[my fav] based on color and texture. The bottom item is a shimmer rose eye shadow which I absolutely love.

In the pic above, in the Middle vertical set, the 2 top items are lip cremes again, both matte creams in shades Nude [topmost] followed by Chocolate brown. The last item is again a pretty bronze eye shadow.

The kit is completed by the standard goes-well-with-all-skin-shades type sheer pink blush [on the top most of the right end set] and a beige color face powder.

The brushes that came with them are mostly useless except for emergency use.

Swatches: Top set [L to R]- Face powder, Blush, Pinky Brown, Pink Glitter; Bottom set [L to R]- bronze shadow, rose shadow, chocolate brown lip color and nude lip cream

The face powder is so-so, I dont use it except for any emergency. The sheer pink blusher is good for day wear and wears pretty but lasts only for around 1-2hrs. The eyeshadows stay even without primer for around 1-2hrs.

I absolutely adore the shimmer rose eyeshadow, it is perfect for day wear and office wear, brightens up my eyes very nicely without going OTT. The bronze color, is again a so-so, I use it for night outs.

My absolute love are the lip creams except for the pink glitter one. The pinky brown shade is a very beautiful pink shade which suits most lip shades. The pink glitter one is good for night wear and parties, the chocolate brown is a good day/office wear shade and so is the nude color, its a real good nude color.

All in all, the kit is a handy makeup kit for day/office/party wear, it has a wonderful combination of colors. These are my regular combos:
Office: Shimmer rose eyeshadow+ Sheer blush [1 layer] + Nude lip cream
Night out: Shimmer rose+ Sheer blush [3 layers] + Pinky brown

Would I buy again? Of course I would.. :) I am waiting to see what is Kit 02...

Swatches: E.L.F Complete the look makeup palette eye shadows

I got this beautiful kit from US through Neha, sweet girl I met through IMBB. This is one of my best purchases from abroad and I love the shades here. It has blushers, lip glosses and eyeshadows and I am only swatching the eyeshadows here.

Some of the eyeshadows are really beautiful espl the blues and greens, the blacks not so much and I love the range of light and nude shades for daily wear..

The eyeshadows below are swatched without any primers and they kinda crease easily without primers, but when worn with a decent layer of primers [or even eye creams :)] it lasts for around 3-4 hours, which is good enough!

The blushes are the best part of this palette while the glosses are the ones you can totally avoid!
Thats a swatch fest for another post  :)

You can buy this in India from Jabong [though at a hefty price!] link
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