Friday, June 15, 2012

Review and Swatches: Colorbar velvet matte lipstick in shade Creme Cup 78V

Colorbar Velvet matte is such a crowd favorite lippie that it doesnt need any additions from me.I was hooked on to this range through a dear friend I met via IMBB, who intro-ed me to the beautiful shades - Irish rose and Mocha to me.

Price is around 225 but the retail price is upped to 250! I can vaguely remember a time when Colorbar priced its products in 100s range.. :( Inflation, inflation!

After that I got a couple more from my favorite websites: and . This one I got with another pretty shade - Thrilling Pink from Stylecraze. I was looking for Shy Cherry shade but it was not available, so I decided to take a risk and ordered this.

Why I ordered this might sound very stupid.. :) I like the name-yes that is it... Some how it reminded me of thick rich luxurious coffee with creme..

The lipstick stands true by its name. Its a very neutral nudish shade, that is very flattering for most skin colors except the very dark ones. It is a sort of peachy-browny-natural shade that is just right for a formal day wear, especially when you want to play safe..

This is a favorite shade of mine. The only other shade which I can think of in the Brown family, that suits my uneven-wheatish-oily-skin combination without washing me out or making me look like a oldie, is Streetwear's Creamy Brown shade which I reviewed here

My verdict? This is a nicely pigmented decent-stay [2-3hrs] creamy nude peachy brown shade for every day wear that fits well in your pocket and is easily available - what more can i say? This is a must buy! :)
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