Saturday, January 23, 2016

The One and The only Facial Oil you'd ever need..

And I am not kidding. Though I feel super stupid saying that, cos after all its not like I'm a certified "oil' expert or like I've tried all the facial oils ever. But this is a honest review from the heart and I've experimented with a bunch of facial oils and if it helps anyone, that's all the good I hope for!

Almost every brand seems to have one or other facial oil and I don't think one lifetime is enough to test all these and come up with the best.
But for me, if any facial oil could come close to being the one and only facial oil you'd need based on the effect it has, I believe it would be this one - African Botanicals Pure Marula Oil

Courtesy - African Botanics website
I had bought this a long time back and didnt really consider this one, till this Winter started.

Honestly I didn't expect much except for good hydration. I am an old hand with oils; I use oils daily on my face, body and hair. My go-to favorites are Coconut and Rose Hip oil.
I never really expected this one to work, cos a lot of the new oil-craze feels like hype to me.

But boy! Does this work!

I wish I'd taken some before photos so I could show you the difference it made.

But here is what I noticed after 2 weeks of applying this daily at night before sleep:
  • My skin feels super hydrated. I don't need any moisturizer except sunscreen (my skin type is normal, but in winter I tend to get dry patches around eye and nose area)
  • My face looks brighter and not the usual tired look I sport. Its like there is a sheen to my skin, which I usually try & achieve with a  subtle illuminator.
  • I'd some pigmentation on my face especially around mouth area. All gone now and that is the quickest that pigmentation has faded for me
  • I don't need much foundation or concealer now to make my complexion look even or bright
  • A lot more compliments and questions ! :)

Overall: I wish I hadn't spend so much money on de-pigmentation creams earlier! And I also wish Marula oil was a bit cheaper (its like 80$+, Ouch!) . But all is fair in the name of beauty, right? :(
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