Write for me!

Hey sweethearts,

Are you a wannabe writer who wants to share your reviews on makeup and beauty but don't want to go through all the hassles of setting up a blog? Do you already have a blog but like contributing your reviews or ideas through other channels? Here is my offer to feature you in my blog..

Here is what you can contribute: 
Basically anything on makeup and beauty.. my only constraint is that the content should be original [if you have your own blog, you can publish it there also, but in that case, please share the link to the post]...
Also pictures are worth 1000 words and in the case of a beauty blog, its worth 1000000 words!
So bring on as many pics as you can and please make sure they are of good quality.

I will do some basic check but its your post and your ideas and you will get full credit :)
You should be willing to share your post in any of our social media forums -at the least in Twitter & Facebook..

And what you get in return?
Other than the joy of sharing your ideas, you get:

For both bloggers and non-bloggers:
  • Every post gets you 1 blog point.
  • Every 10 blog points = $5 CAD
  • Every 50 blog points = $30 CAD [that's $5 bonus!]
  • Every 100 blog points = $60 CAD [thats $10 bonus] 
You get the idea? :) :) 
You can start redeeming your points when they reach $10 value.You can redeem your blog points as either money paid to your PayPal account or gift vouchers or online purchases - its totally negotiable.
Even if you redeem your points, you will still be eligible for the next bonus level. So if you redeemed your points at $20 for 40 blog point, and then you shared another 10 blog posts, you will get $ 10 with your $5 bonus included! Yay! :)
In addition to this, you also get additional 5 entries per post to any future giveaway. You also get special gifts if you win :)
 For Bloggers only:
I will add your blog links to the side bar as well as to any relevant future posts. For e.g. if I am posting about Revlon lipstick, and you have a post on the same product, I will add a link to your blog in my post. 
I will also share your blog posts  through Twitter and Facebook at least once in a week [if i forget, feel free to poke me!]

 Last, but not least - I reserve the right to reject any contributions if I feel its not fitting in, cos well - its my blog, so my rules :)

If you are interested to know more, use the contact form or add your comments along with email id.
So Ciao! :)
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