Monday, June 04, 2012

Review and Swatches: Vedic Line Gold Moisture Serum with SPF [?]

I have tried some products from Vedic Line like their hair retarder and Neem & Brahmi pack, and I love them all and will review them soon. But I thought I will pick the black sheep first and get the review done with and over, so there wont be a bad taste left later!

Vedic Line is a new player in the herbal beauty market which now has several players like Just Herbs, Aloe Veda, Neo Veda, Auravedic..does anyone notice the stress on Vedas? :)

This product is a Serum-Moisturiser and retails for 200INR. The label says it has SPF though no information on what is the SPF level!

I will start by listing what I like as this list is shorter. The lotion [i cannot and will not call it a Serum!] has a nice fragrance and it lasts for 2 hours on a hot day and probably lesser on a cold day. The gold shimmer in the lotion is not rough and leaves a nice shimmery effect on skin for around 3 hours, again in my summery-tropical-climate area. The bottle is nice and compact.

That is the list of pros. Now to the cons part..Oh where do I start! First of all...what is the concept of this product? Is it a Serum or a lotion or a moisturiser or some kinda party-glow liquid? What does a Serum mean to Vedic Line product team! Guys, Serums are supposed to be concentrated [in some nice thing like Vit A etc] liquid products with a serious effect on skin. You seriously cannot call any liquid Serum.

Next part is the moisturising part.Again - How???? I have a normal combination skin and the climate is summer and I live in tropics and still the lotion stops the effect in an hour or so. So what is the effect of this lotion in a dry skin-winter combo? I dont really get the moisturiser part at all.

To the last and most serious part of my complaint - guys, we buy herbal products cos we believe it has atleast 99% safe ingredients and preferably herbal. Just 1 or 2 natural essence items doesnt make it natural or herbal. But that would have been passable if there were no parabens here! But it has! So how does this product match your branding?

The only use I can find of this lotion is as a nice fragrance before I sleep at night or as a party-glow-luminizer for teens. Seriously- think thrice buying before buying.


  1. You know I really wanted to buy this product but didnt buy as there was no proper review, even I was sceptical seeing the glowy liquid in images,seriously they dont understand what actually a serum is.nice review!

    1. can anybdy tell me hows the moisture glow gloss serum of vedicline?

  2. i was actually about to buy this some time back, dunno what stopped me...thanks so much for reviewing this!!!
    check out my blog too:

  3. such a dud of a product... :(


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