Friday, September 19, 2014

Essence Dark Romance Collection - Blush, Highlighter and Lipstick

I usually don't review a collection. Most of the collections I've seen so far, had may be 1 or 2 interesting pieces which I'd buy - which to me, doesn't justify it as a "review" of the collection.

However, when I saw this new collection from Essence - Ahh!!!
How can I resist a collection called Dark Romance, espl when Fall is on the way????

The collection had some nail colors and some nail strips and some other stuff, which I cant recall right now. 
However, this is Canada - so don't expect to see the entire collection! 
You can see the entire collection here - LINK

Here are the swatches. This is not a review as I've not used it much.  More like, 1st impressions really.

 The one lipstick that was displayed is the shade "Red Romance". Though the packaging is similar to their long lasting lipstick range, they make no claim with this one.

This is the highlighter - a very unusual one actually. 
It has a duo-color effect .. like cream and some tints of red & pink.. it looks awesome especially in daylight.
I hope it works as well as it swatches.

The blush is "Painted Love. Its has a very custard-like texture.
As this is a bright shade and gives a very "winter-cold-red-cheek" look, application must be very careful to avoid a clownish effect.
Again, since I didnt try, I cannot really say how it works. 
It looks like a nice fun product to try, especially for fair complexions in Winter.

Out of the 3, the one that disappointed me was curiously enough, the one that I was most excited about - Life, huh??
The lipstick applies beautifully, has a creamy-satin semi-sheer finish and is a gorgeous color.
No complaints there. 
But, this is not the vampy or gothic red color I expected with a range called "Dark Romance" and a lipstick called "Red Romance".
This leans more towards a  cherry-pinkish shade. 
I would say its a comfortable red - nothing you'd pick for a night-out; more like a comfortable day time wear.

Again, I've not tested the wear time, so cant really comment on that.

Considering the cost of each product , I always find Essence Limited Editions so much fun. Such variety, for pretty good quality and price!
I'd say - if you find it, grab it. 
Even if you didnt like the colors or the product, it would look nice for Fall and Winter :) :)

What not to buy - NYX Retractable Eye Liner in Deep Purple

I'm shocked - at my self, cos I'm dissing a favorite brand of mine; NYX needs no introduction, its famous for its affordable awesome range of great quality products. I love so many of them - but then, occasionally you get Lemon-ed!

I got this NYX eye liner mainly cos of the color. I was after a good purple eyeliner and when I saw this on sale at my local Rexall, I didn't hesitate much. 

NYX is one of the few drugstore brands here, that has got the concept of "fun and attractive" packaging - like this pencil that is cased in a plastic sturdy purple packaging. 

As its retractable, you don't have the hassle of sharpening this pencil. The cost of this eyeliner here in Canada is around $5 CAD.

When I got this pencil, I was under the impression that this would be a close match for Revlon's Colorburst Matte balm in Shameless. But its not. Shameless is more fuschia-ish purple while NYX Deep Purple leans more towards deeper blue. 


Here is where my problem starts - you can see that it does not apply very well on lids. Its a drier formula, even on my slightly oily lids, it didnt go smoothly. 

The application, as you can see, gave a very patchy result. It doesnt look very good on its own. 

My next option was to see how this worked if I tried to smoke it out as an eyeshadow. 

Surprisingly that looks like the best use for this pencil - to create an easy purple smoky effect.
Caution - don't use this on its own, use it with a black or cream-color eyeshadow to create a good effect.

Lastly, I tried this as a lip color - as you can see, it sucked big time!

Overall: It fails in the main use of it - as an eyeliner. Only use I can think of is as a base for a black liner or eyeshadow. 
Even so, there are so many other better products out there, so why try so hard!!!

NYX's Slide On eye pencil range has some rave reviews, so thats my next target. 
But this one - goes to the far away Land of Makeup Up Bought But Never Used Cos It Sucked & I Couldn't Return The Bugger !!!
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