Thursday, February 06, 2014

Tip of the Day: Refresh your tired feet

Is your feet crying for some soft pampering after a hard day of standing around?

Well, listen! Your feet is one of most sensitive areas in your body and requires constant attention.
Considering that many a time, you are judged by how well your feet looks, you cannot afford to ignore.
Here is a quick tip to freshen up and beautify the lil ones..


Check your kitchen for any or most of these herbs and vegetables:


 Ginger or Dry ginger powder

Basil Leaf or Tulsi

Mint- this is the best of the lot

Now add all the above ingredients and boil some water for at least 5-10mins. Mix it with cool water till you are okay with the warmth and add some salt and dip your footsies into the bucket.

Now relax over that cup of evening tea while your sore foot recovers and enjoys the warmth.

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