Monday, June 25, 2012

Review and Swatches: Colorbar velvet matte in shade Thrilling Pink

After blogging about Creme cup, I decided - Why stop at one, let me review both the beauties I received from ..

I have been wanting to buy Thrilling pink for a long long time [ah well, i know its barely months since the new shades came out, but that is looooooong for a makeup addict!] and have been mooning about the lack of availability of these beauties in my local town[blah!] of Coimbatore [ A city so not for makeup lovers!!!! :( :( :( ]..

So when Stylecraze and Pooja started this discussion about products they would like to have in SC, I mentioned my yearning for this and Chetana [ love you dear!!! :) :) ] very sweetly and nicely added this and informed me..

And you can guess what happened - I immediately placed an order..and got these beauties within 2-3 days. This was the cool-toned pink shade I was searching for, a perfect color for summer days.. :)

Its a very pretty girly matte girly shade, no shimmer, no frost and I adore & love it.. It instantly brightens up my face and gives a youthful look..okay may be I am exaggerating but it does reduce the age [the grand old age of 28!!! ] from my face unlike some dark brown shades I could think of...

Overall, I guess this is a must have shade for all pretty girls and especially for that summer day outing.. :)

 Its a nice try at 225 Rs, though with Colorbar lipstick prices sky rocketing, no guarantee when they go expensive for pocket!!!
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