Monday, February 02, 2015

January 2015 Favorites and updates on the giveaway!

I usually don't have monthly favorites, just because I am too lazy to track them.
But I'm now in the process of re-organizing my beauty stuff and so decided to track how each stuff works.

So without much ado, presenting you - my January [and possibly February :)] favorites.

My apologies for the blurred pics - I didnt notice till I checked the pics before blogging and by then, I was again bitten by the lazy bug to actually try and get better ones.

In no particular order, my favorites are:

As the name says, it is a sheer tint. In fact, its is that almost skin-like finish-tint.
Once you apply this, it is like a slight PhotoShop effect on your skin - brighter, glowing and a mild blurring of your imperfections. 

This is not something you wanna wear for coverage. 
It could be a good base for your foundation - in fact I use this occasionally as a primer.
I use this on days, when all I am in the mood for is a BB sunscreen and some powder to finish it off. 

This gives a glow-y look to skin, without in anyways adding to oiliness. 
In fact, I'd say this has a satin finish - between matte and glow-y look.

SPF30 is the cherry on icing and makes this a great daily office-wear product.

This best selling cleanser from Lush is best used weekly, unless you wanna end up getting serious complaints from your skin.
And this is me saying that- someone with a pretty tough and not so sensitive skin. 

Reason - they are not kidding when they say Salt - they mean it. It is Salt. All Salt.
Rubbing that on your face gives you squeaky clean, bright complexion. 
But your skin can only take so much at a time - so I suggest you use this weekly.

Another thing to note is that the saltiness can hurt the edges of your lips.
Mine became swollen the 1st time I tried it, cos of the mix of salt and lemon in this. 
I suggest applying some oil - coconut or olive - to protect your skin before applying the cleanser. 

This is not a cleanser/scrub you wanna try with your hand as you can actually end up applying more pressure than necessary. 
I use a cleansing device like Olay's Micoderma brush or a simple sponge to use with this.

If you've really sensitive skin - you can reduce the abrasive effect by mixing some yoghurt with this before application. 
 St. Ives Daily Microdermabrasion

This is a gentle daily scrub. 
Easy on the pocket and does a pretty neat job.

Yves Rocher Beauty Elixir
I didn't really read the text much when I got this. 
So it was a surprise to me when I found this was a light oil. 

However - muy impresso [ if that is even a word].

This is a lightweight lightly-fragranced blended oil that absorbs very easily to the skin.
It just makes the skin come off AWESOME!
My skin looked so much better - hydrated, younger and more glowing.
It didnt do anything for pigmentation - that's okay cos of all the other great stuff it did.

This oil works beautiful as a skin primer. 
Apply it 5 mins before your makeup and it just makes makeup application smooth.

And the cherry on top - look at that cute vintage style dropper packaging. 
Doesn't that make a great vanity piece?

[Don't have an image - sorry :(]

This is a great every-day lightweight leave in conditioner.
I don't usually use a hair spray or a leave in conditioner as most of them triggers my migraine.
Something in this one, doesnt - so I am assuming it is pretty safe, natural and good to use :)

UPDATES on Giveaway

Finally, its that time. Announcing the winners.
I've announced the winner through the widget. 
As mentioned in my previous mail, the selection was based on the highest point incurred.

However, there are 2 close finishes - people who put in lot of efforts and just marginally missed the prize. 
To these 2 beautiful people, I am sending a special email with some bonus they can use in the next giveaway. 

Thanks to everyone who entered my Winter/New Year giveaway. 
Keep your eyes peeled for the next one :)

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