Sunday, September 28, 2014

Petit Vour August Beauty Box - "Beauty School"

August edition of the Petit Vour beauty box featured a brand I was always interested to try , but so far never got around to it, cos of the high price - Beauty Without Cruelty. So woot woot!! :)

The theme is Beauty School and as per PV, the items you need to become your own beauty expert are:
- BWC's Eyeliner  [i think its full size]
- Earth Body Beauty Mask
- Harvey Prince Journey perfume - mini 
- Me Me Lip butter
- Rosemira body butter

So that's eye-skin-scent-lips-body covered...hmm..pretty nifty right?

Earthbody's Brighten Cleanser and Mask is an interesting 2-in-1 product. The only thing is it needs to be mixed with water and/or honey - which for me means some extra effort!

Also, the price in the sheet that PV send is $34 - but in their website, the price is listed as $24! 

The 2 products I can definitely think of having a use for are the eyeliner and the lip butter.

BWC's mineral eyeliner looks sleek and needs to be sharpened but in the 2 occasions that I tried, worked pretty well.
I need to test it again for staying power, but so far I like it. 
I cannot yet judge whether its worth its $18 price tag...lets see!

Winter is on its way.. another 4 months of cold and dry chapped lips... so a lip butter is always always welcome :)

As for the other 2 products,  
           body butter- again, useful in winter but this is a small jar. I like the scent, so may be it will be useful for travel.. i guess!
           perfume - I am not expert on perfumes.. I like this one.. but I am never going to buy yeah!

OVERALL: I like this month's PV, mainly because 3 out of the 5 items - the eyeliner, the mask and the lip butter are pretty useful and looks nice.

Jason Normalizing Tea Tree Shampoo [for days when you've snowfall in June!] :)

I didn't take any snapshots for this review - cos I don't think it makes much difference. I mean, there is nothing to swatch and the product looks like a 3D version of the image below:

Courtesy: Jason website

You can read about the product details here: Jason official website link

My Review on this..

Yes - unfortunately I suffer from dandruff and it gets worse during winter.
I have just one question here - Do you have dandruff or itchy scalp ? If so, this is an awesome frequent use shampoo.
Most of the other anti-dandruff shampoos I've used, dries out my scalp or increases my hair loss.
This one works pretty nicely.

This shampoo has a very medicinal scent - I like it. It lathers well and significantly reduces the dry itchy scalp problem.
I am not sure if it completely removes dandruff - I've been using it for past 4-5 months and nothing is eliminated as such.
However, it brings it under control - and thats good enough for me.

You shouldn't buy this if you have a normal healthy scalp and is just looking for a way to keep it clean.
The reason is - this can be a bit drying for your healthy scalp.
If you're looking for something to keep your scalp clean and fungus-free, I would suggest using a tea tree oil mixed with your regular hair oil.

Overall: I like this and this is one of my staple shampoos. I use this twice a week and its going good. To increase the efficacy, I combine using this shampoo with a tea tree oil-hair-oil mix once a week.
So far its doing good and I am happy :)

If you've found anything to completely get rid of your dandruff without going very chemically - let me know !
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