Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring Colors: NYC Ultra Last Lipstick in shade Smooch 407

I got this NYC Ultra Last Lipstick during some sale in Walmart and after an initial excitement, forgot all about it.

Then one day, I was searching for a nice pink shade for a day wear and saw this shade and thought - Why not? And that was a good decision cos I discovered how much I like this drugstore beauty.

This is a beautiful blue-toned bright shade of pink that immediately perks up your face. I think this color will suit most skin tones. The only downside of this shade is the silver-gold shimmer that makes this unsuitable for an office wear [wouldn't probably wear this strong pink to office anyway!]

The color goes full on in a single swipe and stays easily for 3-4 hours; when it fades, it does leave a sheer layer of color behind. It doesn't dry out my lips; it aint that moisturising also, so dont skip on the lip balm. There is no strong scent or taste.

Overall, for $1-$2 [approx] this is a great lipstick and this shade is a pretty spring wear for a day out. Don't trust the cap to stay on if you are taking this for a trip to beach!

Lazy Beauty Guide: A lazy gal's way to get ready for work

Okay, so here is how I get ready for work after sleeping late

1. After getting up, wash face immediately with coldest water possible. This refreshes the face and makes it easier for your eyes to adjust to sun light. Time Taken - 1-2mins

2. Use a baby wipe or your favorite cleansing wipe to clean up all those dead cells and get your face ready for action. To make it better, after 1st wipe over face, spray a coat of Rose Water or any good toner and then wipe again.  Time Taken 1-2mins.

3. Put your sunscreen/moisturizer with SPF and massage it in. Dont bother to do it till its is completely absorbed. We have time left. Time taken : 1-2mins

4. Now lets brush our teeth and rinse it well. No fast-tracking time here. :(
Time taken: 4-5mins

5. By now our sunscreen would have absorbed. Now apply your BB cream/ Foundation/Powder. I apply either my light coverage BB cream or my Face powder as getting foundation right is hard when you are pressed for time.  Time taken: 2-3mins

6. While waiting for it to set on face, drink your morning energizer. For me its water :) Ideally it should be warm water, but I like cold water better. It feels good once and it helps to remove toxins generate in the body at night . Time taken: 1min

7. Now sit down and read something funny [your fave comic book] or see a funny video in youtube or hear your favorite song that always perks up your mood. Trust me, it helps hugely to set the tone for the day. By the same principle, avoid reading Obituaries, videos on violence etc -a lot of bad things happen in the world, true, but should you see it 1st thing in the morning?
Time taken: 3-4mins [Well, I didnt say -read the whole book! just a strip may be!]

8. Now Makeup...yippeee.. Ok, here are my quick tips.
- Eyes:
 I use a dark matte brown eyeshadow at the corner [dab it on the corner with fingers] and then use the blending brush dipped in black eyeshadow to fan it out gently towards crease in a > shape, with the corner ending just below the crease eyebrow. This is best done with eyes open. Contour your eyeshape using this eyeshadow.  Now, if all this takes too much time, avoid 2 eyeshadows and just use a soft brown or soft cream color, which ever brightens your eyes better. Dont try shimmer powders for work but satin finish used lightly does look good. Now line your eyes with a pencil. If this is hard for you, just stick to lining your corners, both upper lid and on waterline.
Now add a coat or 2 of your fav mascara. Dont have time to curl your lashes? Here is a quick tip: keep your steel spoon under hot water for a 30secs and then press your eyelashes between your index finger and the back of the spoon. Do it 1-2 times and you can see the curl.

- Blush and lips:
I use the same color for blush and lipstick even if its a dark red shade I am using as lipstick. Just sheer it out with your finger and dab on it with a tissue till you get the color right.

- To add a dewy look, spray on a face energizer or makeup setting spray lightly. If you have neither, pour some water into a spray bottle [if you can get some rose water, its excellent] and spray lightly. After 30 sec, just press a soft tissue lightly onto face. Do not rub.

Total Time taken: Eyes [4-5mins]; Face and Lips [2-3mins]

9. Now have that healthy breakfast bar or cereals or in my case 2-3 apples to go and dress and run!
Time taken to dress and to put apples into bag: 3-4mins

Total time: Approx 30mins!

Now what should be in a lazy girl's bag:
1. Easy to eat granola bars or biscuits. Keep easy to eat fruits like Apples or baby carrots[in a pack] always ready to grab and go

2. Mini Makeup kit: Face powder, Matte Bronzer [use as eyeshadow as well], Black eye pencil, Lip balm, your favorite lip product [use as blush as well], Facial cleanser, Facial Wipe and Mascara

3. Other stuff: Vitamin C chewable stuff [for instant energy pickups], Mouth freshener or chewing gum and a small perfume or deo spray.

Hope you like it.. :)

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