Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soap and Glory Be Your Own Gloss - Set of 5 mini Sexy Mother Pucker glosses

I am not going to lie. 
I would LOVE if I could find a wonderful solution to getting bigger luscious plumper oooh-so-sexy lips. 

Since I am pulling a list of all things I would really love - I would love to get a hour glass figure, bigger eyes, no hairs on my face and 0 hair fall. 
Anyone up there listening to me? No?

But well,since I've no plans on doing Botox or any such stuff, I guess I would have to keep buying these Sexy Mother Pucker glosses to keep my puckers looking glossy.

Price - as on the case is $25. 

My Experience:

I love holiday gift sets cos they are such a great way to test products you've been wanting to buy but was not sure if it was worth your money. 

The shades included in the collection are Clear [which I am not going to review, Because, well its clear!], Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Half Naked and Punch Bowl. 

Out of the 5, the 1st 2 - Clear and Candy Gloss are pretty useless on their own cos it doesn't have any color. Candy gloss has some shimmer. 

Yummy Plum is a weird name for a peachy coral semi sheer gloss that goes on to give a peachy nude look to my lips. LOVE!!!

Yummy Plum on lips

Half Naked is a brownish MLBB shade which just made my lips look sad in some ways. I am never wearing this on its own. Weirdly enough, this tastes like Popcorn. Never had a lipgloss tasting like Popcorn... Well, you live and learn!

Half Naked on Lips [sounds weird when you say it...I've Half Naked on my lips...gah!]
Punch Bowl is my favorite of the pack. Its a normal blue based pink that is perfect for the season and for instantly brightening up my face. LOVE LOVE!!

Punch Bowl on lips

All the 3 lip glosses I tried has a tingling slightly burning sensation on lips - like I chewed on Mint tablets for a bit too long. It was not unpleasant for me but if you have sensitive or dry lips- watch out. 

But what I loved about this gloss was, in spite of the slight stickiness, the glue-y texture, the slightly sweet flavors and the  stronger-than-average scents, these did the job. They really made my lips look a bit plumper and glossier. 
The effects didn't last too long - for about 1-2 hours - but that is good enough for me :)

Candy Gloss is the shade at the end.

Overall: I am debating on whether I should buy Punch Bowl or Yummy Plum in full size. I am hoping that Soap and Glory will come up with such mini sets so I can just keep buying them and also hoping that they will at least get rid of the gluey texture cos thats one thing I will not miss about these babies.
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