Friday, October 28, 2011

Miss Claire Eyeshadow in Pink

I got this Miss Claire eyeshadow in Pink from a local store. Unfortunately the SA sold me a piece that got expired a month back, which I did not notice then.. :(
That is sooo sad since these eyeshadows are value for money at 85rs!
Look at the pics, the shadow is so nicely pigmented...
Check Neha's review in IMBB for other shades here and here

I love Michelle Phan tutorials

Recently I have started watching Youtube for makeup ideas in an attempt to stop experimenting on my skin. I admit defeat, i have no natural talent for makeup.
So when i heard about youtube gurus, i began browsing and i checked a basic foundation tutorial from Michelle Phan. The next day, i got a chance to try out things she mentioned in her video, and the result was amazing.
I got comments like "You look bright and glowing" instead "Did you put your face in a rice-powder packet? What is the matter-you are looking like an UnDead" which is very nice!!
Check her videos here

Rimmel London Lasting finish lipstick in Heather Shimmer

This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for me..
I got this lipstick from an Ebay seller for INR 150 as they had some sale.
The seller Cosmetic Zone 2011 also has some nice revlon, bourjois and rimmel products. Check their website here. Their communication and delivery is decent enough.

I love this lipstick mainly because I didnt expect this to work and it did!
You can read my complete review here in IMBB website. My thanks to IMBB folks for teaching me lots about makeup and all those wonderful products out there!
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