Monday, January 20, 2014

Review and Swatches: Inglot Freedom System Refill Lipstick 65

I had already reviewed shade 47 from Inglot's Freedom System lipstick refills here. So not going to review the product but this shade 65.

Shade 65 is a beautiful plum shade that is perfect for Winter. I missed this for my winter makeup kit till I dug it out last day for review! Shows that it doesn't hurt to occasionally check in your stash to find missing beauties like this.

It looks a bit shimmery in the pan, but it applies as a gorgeous creamy purplish plum shade that sets to a glossy or satin finish depending on whether you blot your lip color or not. This can be applied with full intensity in one color or can be sheered out easily to a plum-pink shade.

Overall, love this shade and will probably buy it again!
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