Monday, June 09, 2014

A novelty eyeliner look I tried this weekend...

I used the central rose gold shade from Claire's Makeup Kit. 
Rose gold is a shade that suits almost all skin tones and especially flatters the warmer skin tones [like me, so YAY]

I'd not applied much mascara and I didn't fill my brows in [so sue me!]  but then I am planning to try something like this when I am going on my weekend trip next week. I planned this as an evening look so the silver of the eyeliner really comes across. 

I also used the yellow golden shade in the palette under my brows and under my lower lids.

Since the focus was on the eyeliner design, I didn't do any smokey eyes. 

For my dress - planning to go gypsy and wear a long skirt and peasant blouse. 

So....what do you think? Do I look weird or mysterious [hoping for the 2nd :)] ?
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