Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Review and Swatches: Auravedic Pure Brightening Sun Block Lotion with SPF 30

I get sunburnt very easily and I am very very cautious about applying the sunscreen and since I stay in Tamil Nadu, I usually use a high SPF above 40. However when Auravedic send me this one, I was interested in trying this out cos of tempting words like Brightening and Whitening [a hang-up for us indians! :)] and the interesting ingredients [Tamarind, Amla and Mulberry] listed.

The back label [didnt come out clear, so removed, excuse the mobile pics, my camera is on fr repairs:( ] stated some nice things like "Against animal testing", a fully list of ingredients [no parabens] and usage instructions.

The packaging is plain plastic bottle but some how it conveys a simple 'hand-made' looking design which doesnt come off very cheap looking. However I wish they had a sleek bottle nozzle to avoid the lotion from over flowing into hand. A squeeze design would have been good.

The lotion is not very thick, spreads easily and evenly and absorbs pretty easily even in TN's humid & hot climate. I use this as a make-up base cream as I find it not too oily like other sunscreens [e.g. Neutrogena!!!] and this doesnt break me out also. It would be an exaggeration to say this gives a matte look, it doesnt! It gives more of a hydrated or moisturised look [check the pic of my wrist below]

I will conclude summarizing my experience:
I dont consider this as a replacement for my stronger sunscreens, I would always recommend an SPF 40+ if you are going out for shopping etc espl in our tropical climate. However this is a nice daily wear office-wear kinda cream which you can use as a normal face cream before your makeup.
I wouldnt say it whitens or brightens [what exactly is meant here anyways!] but this gives a subtle glow to face and my skin didnt tan even when I went out on a sunny day, so as a sun protection cream this works good.
The best part for me is the herbal fragrance, it is awesome, it lifts my mood for the day when I prep for office and that is one main reason why I use this daily to office :)

Overall? I like it, this is not a sunscreen-replacement if you are going on a summer vacation to Goa but a good-to-have cream for daily use. 

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